The lessons I’ve learned 2014 unplug…

Thursday Treadmill Treats:

The lessons I’ve learned from going home 2014 part 1

Every day is another opportunity to learn something new, if you are open and willing, last year after my divorce I learned so many lessons from going home, I found myself, I knew I had true friends, I learned you needed to do “you” I learned that you can always go home again and I learned to except people for who they are. Huge lessons that I keep with me, that impacted my life till this day.

This year I really didn’t think I would learn any lessons as I had learned so many in the last two years, Hello! Can you say rough two years, but my God has a sense of humor and again taught me your never too old to learn a lesson.

I learned to spend quality time with my girls, to unplug and really listen.
I learned that we are too into electronics, to other peoples lives and not our own, that even if we are listening we are still plugged in, thinking about our messages, phones, Facebook and Twitter.

This ten days we had no service was a blessing, I learned that my girls will talk and talk and talk when not plugged in. That we connected like never before, an incredible feat, you know if you have teenagers!

We learned we could adapt to all kinds of difficulties and still smile about it. I learned that even when I thought they weren’t listening, guess what? They were! That even with all they seen while I stayed with their dad, they became strong, when I became strong, they will not put up with what I put up with. They are smart, beautiful, strong young women and I am truly blessed to have them.

I also learned that I am blessed to have my lifetime friends, friends that have known me since I was a snotty nose kid and still love me, warts and all!

This first lesson meant the world to me, I love my girls and I got to become even closer with them, we got to share so many incredible memories that will last a lifetime and for that I will eternally grateful for.

So my friends, today take the time to unplug, to really listen, to enjoy the moment with your love ones, this is the moment you are making a memory, make it a great one.