When you don’t listen to the signs

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When you don’t listen to the signs

I just heard about a high school friend of mine that was murdered by her estranged husband. It was so sad, she was young and beautiful and always fun and now she is gone.

She is my second friend to die this way, I lost another friend years ago when even though she had a restraining order against her police officer boyfriend he walked into a bar back home and killed her in front of everyone.

I was on my way to meet her but forgot something and was running late when I got there, she was gone,again another beautiful, kind, funny women gone because of who she chose.

I will never stop trying to tell women to look for the signs, there are always signs!! The biggest one is inside of you, its your gut feeling, you know something is off, yet you poo poo it away.

You justify it, you make excuses for him and his behavior or your so afraid to be alone that you don’t care as long as you have a man, even when all the red flags are smacking you in the face.

These women weren’t stupid by any means, no we are women, we want to see the best in people, we want to try to help men change, we want to believe they can change,so much so that we turn a blind eye to things we rather not see.

There are always signs, he too jealous, he wants you all to himself, he trys to get you away from your family and friends.
He thinks your screwing around,he always needs his ego stroked, he is narcissistic and he is a control freak.

Are you listening? These are signs! Are you changing to please him? doing things you wouldn’t ever do before? Again signs, pay attention if something doesn’t feel right its not!!

Don’t think he will change his behavior, oh he will change, for the worst, believe that.
Cut your losses and run now before it escalates and a tragedy like this happens.

Here is some starling statistics

3 women are killed each day because of domestic violence!

One out of every 3 women will be abused at some point of her life

33% of people know a women who has been domestically abused.

We need to talk about this, we need to know the signs, we need to teach our girls to see the red flags but most of all we need to know our self worth, we need to love ourselves enough to not put up with this from the start!
Know you are a beautiful, smart, kind women of God, that you are a blessing and should be treated like the diamond that you are, you are priceless!

So today my friends reach out to someone you know, let them know your there for them, teach them the signs and let them know their worth.

In loving memory of Pammi Muller, you will be missed.