listen to your intuition

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Listen to your intuition

I was speaking to a psychologist yesterday and we were talking about intuition, she said the studies say we humans are the only species that doesn’t listen to our intuition. 

Wow, that’s incredible, we were all giving intuition yet we are the only ones that poo poo our gift, why?

When a deer feels it , he turns and runs, yet when we feel it, we try to rationalize it. You get into an elevator, there is someone in there , your skin crawls, the hair on the back of your neck stands up, yet you say “oh I can’t get out, he will be offended, nah, I am just making it up. This is your intuition, a God given gift of survival but again and again we don’t listen. 

You meet a man or women, they seem wonderful on paper,  great looking, good job, nice car but your gut is screaming something is wrong and what do we do, we ( especially us ladies) we make excuses “oh he’s so cute, he’s got a great job, no, he’s a great guy” poo,poo,poo away all of our intuition.

Yet four months down the line, that’s when my bestie says the crazy starts to come out and we find out he’s a lying, cheating dog, you go “why didn’t I know?” Dipshit you knew from day one, but you chose to ignore the warning signs.

Hey, I can say this because I am one of the biggest dipshits, I trust all people, I want to believe that they have changed, that they are basically good inside,.

Wake up and smell the coffee!  Yes, its great to believe the best in people and I am the biggest cheer leader on change but I didn’t listen to my intuition, not on my marriage, not on my first or definitely my  second relationship after my divorce (yes, I am hard headed, do you read my blogs?)

No, I made excuses, I poo pooed it all away to find out, yup it was spot on from the start!  Wow look how much hard ache I could have saved myself, how many wasted years?

I believe everything is a lesson and I have learned from my lessons, these are mistakes I will not repeat, no, from now on I will listen,  if I get into an elevator and feel it, I’m out of there, if I am on a date , I’m done,sorry… next! If I am getting on a plane , you better move out my way because I will knock you down to get off!

No, I have learned to listen, not question, just listen to the voice inside of me…

So today my friends be still, listen to your gift inside of you and then run Forrest run, follow that deer, he’s passing you up!