Why are you afraid of being alone?

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Why are you afraid of being alone?

I was talking to a friend yesterday and he asked why do I think so many women stay in abusive relationships or even unhappy relationships, I said that most women are afraid to be alone.

Yes, some of us stay because they don’t think they can do it on their own, financially. That was my number one reason I stayed.

In the beginning, when my girls were little, he would threaten to take them away so I stayed, when they got older, it was because I was afraid I couldn’t make it on my own.

When for years, you hear “you can never make it on your own, your nothing without me, you will be living in a box under 95 ” you start to believe it and so I stayed.

Look lets be honest, its hard to make it out there, jobs don’t pay enough,rents in good areas cost alot, food, bills… its tough, so some women sell their souls in return of the “good life”

But when you sell your soul to the devil there is a price to pay, your self esteem, your peace and your joy, your life the way you really want to live it.

I think women have to much ego (remember ego = edging God out) they don’t want others to see them without the latest MK bag or lou shoes, they want to show off that big house on the hill.No, move to a tiny apartment, not a chance, what will the neighbors say?

I have been there but I was dying inside, a slow painful death and when I felt like I couldn’t go on, that box under 95 looked pretty good to me, it least I would be free!

Yes,  some women feel they need a man, they don’t feel like a whole women without one. They have been going from one relationship to another their whole life without ever being alone.

I don’t understand if you cant afford to make it on your own why don’t women roommate together?  Your both going through this, why not be there for each other? Help each other out? Isn’t this a better solution then staying and dying?

Let go of your material mind, its just stuff and probably its stuff your buying to fill that deep hole where your soul once was.

No amount of things will fix that, the only thing that will fix it is getting your life back, filling your heart with love for yourself, with peace and joy that believing in a higher power (which ever that may be for you) gives you, that knowing you got this and its okay , its that feeling that is freedom. 

So today my friends ask yourself why are you staying?  Be honest, are you afraid of being alone?  Take some time to get to know yourself, you will realize what great company you are. Your smart, beautiful, funny, kind, and compassionate, Hell your the whole package! 

Yes, when you realize your worth , you will realize what great company you are to yourself and you will be okay with being alone.