Am I too blunt?

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Am I too blunt?

The other day I was hit up on one of the dating sites, he was a good looking guy, had a nice profile but was 29 and I answered and told him that I appreciate the message but that he was too young for me,  after 2 or 3 messages back and forth, pleading with me to try a younger guy (okay, okay it was nice for the ego I admit! )

I finally told him I’ve been there done that, my first boyfriend after my divorce was 32 which I thought that was way too young as well, he was great , good looking, sweet, smart, an attorney but he wanted to eventually get married and have kids. Hey, that’s great for him! Not for me, again been there done that, not going back there again!

We had a great couple of months but he started to like me too much and I knew this was never going anywhere so why keep going when this will end in heartache, so I broke it off.

He said “wow you are blunt” at this age I have to be, I don’t know how much time God will give me here, I don’t have time to play games, I am not going to tippy toe around thing’s, sorry, why waste time?

Just like dating, I work two jobs, I have 2 girls who I want to spend time with, I have a book I am writing and editing, I am looking to buy a new home, I work out every day and I write this blog, besides the fact that I have some (okay alot!) Of incredible friend’s I like to hang with!

Do I have time to putz around? Hell no!  Why waste time with someone who is not going the same places you are? Why date a man if you know he wants marriage and kids and you dont? OK if you want to hook up that’s fine, but I’ve done that and am not looking to repeat past mistakes.

Why Date A Jewish man, or a Hindu man when you are Christian and are into your faith?  What is the sense in that? So you hit it off, maybe fall in love and now you have this huge thing between you that is not going to change. No sense at all!

My time here is precious… I have wasted way to much of it already, I don’t sugar coat anything,  you want sugar coating find Willy Wonker, that ain’t me!

So if I am blunt, forgive me but I don’t want to waste your time or mine.  I am a grown ass women who knows what she wants and will not settle because I am lonely (which I am not) or because I need a man (I have Mr.Marshmellow) or because I need one to make me complete (I already am complete and happy and fill of joy and peace and I like myself)
Sorry got all that covered!

I would like to meet someone who has faith like me, who is a family man,  who is kind and funny, who doesn’t want a family, who’s kids are grown or almost grown, who enjoys the same things I do, who will make this incredible life I have just that much better.
Until then I will keep being blunt.

So today my friends, be blunt, say what you want and definitely what you won’t put up with, stop beating around the bush, the world won’t end if you say your wishes, no. .. it will just give you exactly what you are asking for if you wait.