Letting go of dead weight

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Letting go of dead weight

Yesterday I wrote about not wasting your time with a man that you know is not going anywhere, today’s blog deals with that and other’s that you may be wasting time on.

The are some points in life when (hopefully) you change, you grow and you decide you want other things but the people you have have in your life, have no intention of ever changing and they certainly don’t want you to change and leave them behind.

When I quit doing drugs and drinking years ago my partying friends were pissed.
“What are you better than us?” they actually said to me. They tried to coax me into drinking and using, they used all kinds of tactics¬† to get me to stay where they were.I was done and unfortunately I had to be done with them as well not because I didn’t love them but I couldn’t stay in that environment, I was trying to save my life and if I stayed I knew I might not ever be able to return, so I walked away.

When I got married and had kids alot of my friends were single, they still expected me to be able to go out on a drop of a dime, but I couldn’t I needed to find out my husband’s plans, to find a baby sitter, this was a project, they got mad when I had to cancel due to a kid with a fever, this was my life now and that was my old life and again I had to walk away.

When I was working on my business and worked 2 jobs, I was focused, I had some friends that it was okay to make minimum wage and not want to better their lives, look good for them but it wasn’t good for me, I wanted more and they got pissy and jealous of things I was buying with my hard earned money. Yes these friendships parted as well.

When I turned 40 I got rid of all my toxic friends, negative, mean, always downing life and people, gone… sorry half way mark in my life and I don’t want to waste it sitting around dogging others out, being negative.

Look your mother was right show me your friends and I will show you who you are. It can’t help but to rub off on you, little by little.

I chose my road, I chose my destiny, I chose who I spend my precious time I have left with and I am sorry if your not going to be coming on this trip with me.
There is a saying some friends come into your life for a season and it’s true, not all friends or partners are there forever.¬† Enjoy your time, learn your lessons, then move on when the time comes and think fondly of the times you did share.

So today my friends it’s time to start cutting the dead wood, the friends, the partner, even the family members who are holding you down, holding you back, this is your time to fly, don’t miss your opportunity because of dead weight.

Think of what you really want then fly baby fly!!