The loss of a childhood friend

Tuesday Treadmill Treats
The loss of a childhood friend

Today I write this blog with a heavy heart as we just found out that we have lost a childhood friend, Joey Rault.
He was young, just 50, full of life, had a great heart and a quiet spirit, he was far too young to be gone and yet he is.

We all grew up in a small town in upstate New York, most of us started pre school together and went straight through college together. We knew the same people, knew each others parents, we knew about hot bagels at 3 am, we knew which dinner had the best burgers and fries with gravy (Gagers) we knew the well, the hill (Dillon) the launch (Mongup) We knew the cops, the bars, the back woods and let’s not forget WBT versus MBT.

We skated with him at Dehoyes, swim in the lakes together, we hung out at the Down Under watching his brother spin the records all night.

These and so many memories that bonded us for life and even though we may have lost touch over the years there was still that bond, we were all blessed enough to reconnect these last few years, we had all moved down to Florida about 30 of us and we get together once a month to catch up and enjoy each others company.

Unless you grew up in this small vacation town, you can’t imagine all the wonderful memories and fun we had, it was a magical childhood and I was so grateful to be able to grow up with these incredible people.

I write all the time about living your life to the fullest as you never know what will happen and this is yet another confirmation if you didn’t get the message before.
Each and every day is a gift from God, use it wisely as it can be gone in an instant.

Be happy, be grateful, smile at people, find the joy in everything, never complain, never! You are here, you have another day to tell someone you love them, to right a wrong, to make a mends, today you have that chance, this minute, you have that chance, you might not get a second time to do so.

Make a bucket list, do the things you’ve been putting off, do it today! Spend more time with your kids, they want you not another fancy toy.
Work less, play more!
Don’t waste time worrying about things you can’t change, be present in each and every moment.

Don’t have regrets, no one ever said on their last breath I wished I worked more, no they say I wished I spent more time with the people I love, doing the things I wanted to do.
Being rich has nothing to do with money, my friend Joey was rich, he had a family that loved him, he had great friends, he had a smile that lit up the room…. and he was taken way too soon.

So today my friends, stop, breathe, look around, give thanks that God gave you another day here and make the most of it, you never know if it will be your last…

We will miss you Joey Rault….

My hero, my girls. .

Thursday Treadmill Treats
My hero, my girls…

To me every day God chooses to wake me up, is a another day that I can learn something and hopefully grow and help others. To me my gift is to try to inspire others, to show then that you can change, that your never to old to try something or do what you set your mind to.

I teach my girls the same lessons and I pray each and every day that I am doing a good job with them. Yesterday I cried because I realized that what your children see you do,then they do the same things even when they saw the horrible outcome.

My daughter dated a man just like her dad, a man who wanted her to change to please him, a man who was crazy jealous, who she stayed with to try to please him even sacrificing her own happiness to achieve it. Yes, at 17 she was walking in my footsteps, heading for misery but she decided that she wanted more,she realized that he was just like her father, she wants peace in her life, that she sees me have and so she walked away.

He has called, texted, tweeted and came by, he’s cried, pleaded and got angry because he no longer has control over her anymore. She told me she needs to be happy, I told her its not your job to try to make others happy, just yourself, you need to love yourself, you just do “you”

I worry that maybe my girls saw too much, that maybe I scared them for life watching their father treat their mother with such disregard and disrespect.  I worry that they might pick the same kind of man like their father.
But yesterday I also realize  and told her,that maybe, just maybe she learned a lesson at 17 that took me 24 years to learn. You can’t make anyone happy, some people no matter what you do will never be happy, it will never be enough, you just keep trying to kill yourself trying to fill their hole and it will never end.

This is their problem not yours! And I try to tell my girls this, as they feel the way their father treats them is a reflection of something they did or did not do, it is never a reflection of that, it is and always will be his problem.

So today my friends, I am proud to say that yes what your children see and hear you say does resonate in them and if your lucky, they won’t make the same mistakes you made, it is then you will know you’re done the right thing.

Showing your faith

Treadmill Treats Monday message

What message are we sending to the world as Christians? Do we show people how much we appreciate what God has done with our lives?
Do we tell what God has given us? Are we grateful for all he had given us? Do we try to explain our faith?

Paul preached to everyone, he didn’t care what color they were, he didn’t care what faith you were, he had a message and he had to tell what God has done for him to everyone.

Today no one wants to talk about their faith, God forbid it might offend someone else who didn’t believe the same, so we tip toe around what we believe, we don’t speak it out loud.
I am one who doesn’t care who you believe in and I’ve said it a hundred times, you can be Jewish, Hindu, Buddha, whatever higher power that gets you through your day is your higher power, I don’t put down anything that does that, it works for you, then good for you!

But today there is still racism , people still have racism, they have classism,they even have faithism, okay I made that up but it’s out there even if it doesn’t have  a name.

Even in your church people think they are holier than you, they look down on others, your not dressed a certain way, not Christian enough, don’t have a title, not Christian enough,your not the right color, you don’t seat in the front row, not Christian enough… Sometimes they forgot they are representing the church and God and yet they are so closed minded they are actually turning people away from the church with their behavior.

There are people that are ashamed of the the church they are at, maybe its because they jump up and shout, talk in tongues and are not like other churches. Do you not tell about God’s great works because you are embarrassed? Maybe that’s not the church for you then, maybe the bible is not for you if you can’t be proud of what you believe in, stand up for what you believe in, be willing to die for what you believe in.

Yes, I go to a loud, yes I mean loud, hand clapping, praise God, talk in tongues, dance in the aisle church and yes I am definitely the minority, but before you judge, you need to let me tell you my testimony, you need to know how God spoke through my Bishop to me, how he healed me, how I was broken and now I am whole.

You need to know how this church opened its arms and took me in, that they became my family, they poured such love onto me and healed my broken heart. Yes, was there prejudice with some people there absolutely, again a lesson I learned from Bishop there are sick people in church, heck, I was sick that’s why I was there.

This place is where I feel at home, this place fills my heart with joy, this place and these people give me a peace I never knew, so yes, I will be telling everyone about my church, my Bishop, my family but most importantly about my God and what he has done in my life and continues to do each and every day.

So today my friends, find a place that fills your soul, take your faith to a new level, don’t be ashamed, share the gift God put in you, let others feel what you feel, be a Paul and tell everyone about what God has done in your life, speak it loud and proud.