Don’t stop believing

Treadmill Treats Monday message

Don’t stop believing

I tell you all the time, this faith walk is not easy and I am so far from perfect it’s not funny.But I keep trying, sometimes every day is a struggle, some days it’s a piece of cake but I am human and I slip and fall.

This weekend we had a home coming service for a childhood friend and then that night I get a message from my landlord, we had agreed to a price on the property I am living  in, (full price that she wanted,30 day closing, 10 days for inspection straight forward )I had the contract drawn up, I signed and gave it to her,thinking done deal she texts me doesn’t even have the balls to call to tell me there is someone else interested in the property and that I know I am getting a deal and they are not signing and they want me to show the house to the other buyer??

Here comes the I am human  part, I am pissed and I tell them, if you wanted more money, you should have asked for more,why make me go through the expense of all of this and then try to get more money out of me? I can’t  stand liars, we had a deal,you told me a price, I gave a full price offer,deal done at least in my mind,but no I have to remember there are lying, cheating people in this world,my problem is I always try to see the best in people and not all people have anywhere close to the best in them.

After I gave them a piece of my mind (human remember? ) I started  to cry, where was I going  to go? Now I would  have to pack and move, this sucks! I lost faith and I broke my own rule about not worrying. I didn’t  sleep all night,I was sick to my stomach thinking about what if’s  (see what worry will do to you)

The following morning,I went for a bike ride, I cried some more and I proceed to have a pity party for myself, including  ratty sweats,comfort foods, and wine, plenty of wine,I sat on my couch and wallow in self pity.

Then I streamed my Bishop’s service  online and the message? Yup it was for me, it was about Peter ,how he is on the boat and Jesus tells him to walk out in the storm, he does but looks away from Jesus  and just for a second  stops believing and starts to drown,Jesus saves him and asks him,why did you not have faith? Do you not know I will always be here? That I am not a man to lie?

That sermon was the very first sermon I heard when I came to my church,to walk out in faith, blind faith, never to worry through the storm, keep your eyes on the Lord and don’t stop believing. That day just like yesterday I gave it over to God,I felt the holy spirit and I knew I would be okay,God will provide for my every need, my job was just to keep focused.

Through out the day there were other signs to confirm the message and by late afternoon  I was over my pity party, yes I fell, yes, I doubted God’s power, yes I am human but just because you fall doesn’t mean the fight is over, no it means it gives you a few seconds to get it back together, to stand back up and come out fighting  stronger !

So today my friends, it’s okay  to fall down, it’s okay  to have a pity party with whine and cheese, get a box of tissues, cry your eyes out then get back up  know who’s child you are, a child of the most high God and don’t stop believing …