The next 50 years will be the best 50 years

Treadmill Treats Monday message

The next 50 years will be the best 50 years

I just turned 50 and I am not ashamed to say it! I am proud to be 50, I earned this gray hair (yeah, yeah its there, not that you’ll ever see it ! But trust me its there!) I have gained wisdom and knowledge I never had before.

It was a long, rough road to get here and at times I never thought I would make it but I kept the faith, I kept believing it would get better, I held on even when I couldn’t see the sun and even when the pain was overwhelming, even when I didn’t have the strength to wake up one more day yet I  held on knowing someday it would get better.

I never knew and I certainty never dreamed it could be this good! This life I have now is better than I could have dream of, I found the source of my strength my God, I have an incredible peace in my life, I no longer have stress or worry as I let it go, I have a wonderful family, my relationship with my girls are stronger than ever, I have the best friends that anyone could have and I have found a church family and Bishop that fills my soul.

Yes, I am not ashamed, not worried and certainly don’t think my life is over because I am 50. Growing older in this country, people act like it’s a bad thing,it’s not, you are as young as you feel, age is truly a number, I did my first triathlon at 49!

No, I am young at heart, I exercise, eat right for the most part, I keep my mind active, I am busy, I have a full life filled with friends and family. I no longer watch TV, I no longer watch the news, sorry not letting depressing news into my atmosphere, as well as depressing people, negative people. Sorry this age comes with wisdom as I said, I can say no, just because I don’t want to do something, I can choose not to hang out and waste my time, hello!  It’s my time!

I am no longer a people pleaser, I am a me pleaser! I am doing , going and hanging out with what pleases me, I keep telling you life is way to short, it can be over tomorrow, I am enjoying each and every moment of the life I have left, the way I want to, this is what age gives you, a voice that you are not ashamed of, you’ve earned it, it’s yours speak it, loud and clear!

My next fifty years, if I am blessed to have that many, will even be better, I am not slowing down, no I will continue to try to get knowledge,to try to be more of a blessing to others,to try to be the best me I can possibly be, I will enjoy each and every moment my God is going to give me, be present in it, truly present and grateful of its gift.

So today my friends, realize how precious your time on this earth is, use all you have learned on this journey, all the knowledge, all the wisdom and all the love and rejoice in the fact that you are still here, better and stronger than ever and know that fifty is fabulous!
Take it from me I know!

Letting go of dead weight

Thursday Treadmill Treats
Letting go of dead weight

Yesterday I wrote about not wasting your time with a man that you know is not going anywhere, today’s blog deals with that and other’s that you may be wasting time on.

The are some points in life when (hopefully) you change, you grow and you decide you want other things but the people you have have in your life, have no intention of ever changing and they certainly don’t want you to change and leave them behind.

When I quit doing drugs and drinking years ago my partying friends were pissed.
“What are you better than us?” they actually said to me. They tried to coax me into drinking and using, they used all kinds of tactics  to get me to stay where they were.I was done and unfortunately I had to be done with them as well not because I didn’t love them but I couldn’t stay in that environment, I was trying to save my life and if I stayed I knew I might not ever be able to return, so I walked away.

When I got married and had kids alot of my friends were single, they still expected me to be able to go out on a drop of a dime, but I couldn’t I needed to find out my husband’s plans, to find a baby sitter, this was a project, they got mad when I had to cancel due to a kid with a fever, this was my life now and that was my old life and again I had to walk away.

When I was working on my business and worked 2 jobs, I was focused, I had some friends that it was okay to make minimum wage and not want to better their lives, look good for them but it wasn’t good for me, I wanted more and they got pissy and jealous of things I was buying with my hard earned money. Yes these friendships parted as well.

When I turned 40 I got rid of all my toxic friends, negative, mean, always downing life and people, gone… sorry half way mark in my life and I don’t want to waste it sitting around dogging others out, being negative.

Look your mother was right show me your friends and I will show you who you are. It can’t help but to rub off on you, little by little.

I chose my road, I chose my destiny, I chose who I spend my precious time I have left with and I am sorry if your not going to be coming on this trip with me.
There is a saying some friends come into your life for a season and it’s true, not all friends or partners are there forever.  Enjoy your time, learn your lessons, then move on when the time comes and think fondly of the times you did share.

So today my friends it’s time to start cutting the dead wood, the friends, the partner, even the family members who are holding you down, holding you back, this is your time to fly, don’t miss your opportunity because of dead weight.

Think of what you really want then fly baby fly!!

Am I too blunt?

Hump day Treadmill Treats
Am I too blunt?

The other day I was hit up on one of the dating sites, he was a good looking guy, had a nice profile but was 29 and I answered and told him that I appreciate the message but that he was too young for me,  after 2 or 3 messages back and forth, pleading with me to try a younger guy (okay, okay it was nice for the ego I admit! )

I finally told him I’ve been there done that, my first boyfriend after my divorce was 32 which I thought that was way too young as well, he was great , good looking, sweet, smart, an attorney but he wanted to eventually get married and have kids. Hey, that’s great for him! Not for me, again been there done that, not going back there again!

We had a great couple of months but he started to like me too much and I knew this was never going anywhere so why keep going when this will end in heartache, so I broke it off.

He said “wow you are blunt” at this age I have to be, I don’t know how much time God will give me here, I don’t have time to play games, I am not going to tippy toe around thing’s, sorry, why waste time?

Just like dating, I work two jobs, I have 2 girls who I want to spend time with, I have a book I am writing and editing, I am looking to buy a new home, I work out every day and I write this blog, besides the fact that I have some (okay alot!) Of incredible friend’s I like to hang with!

Do I have time to putz around? Hell no!  Why waste time with someone who is not going the same places you are? Why date a man if you know he wants marriage and kids and you dont? OK if you want to hook up that’s fine, but I’ve done that and am not looking to repeat past mistakes.

Why Date A Jewish man, or a Hindu man when you are Christian and are into your faith?  What is the sense in that? So you hit it off, maybe fall in love and now you have this huge thing between you that is not going to change. No sense at all!

My time here is precious… I have wasted way to much of it already, I don’t sugar coat anything,  you want sugar coating find Willy Wonker, that ain’t me!

So if I am blunt, forgive me but I don’t want to waste your time or mine.  I am a grown ass women who knows what she wants and will not settle because I am lonely (which I am not) or because I need a man (I have Mr.Marshmellow) or because I need one to make me complete (I already am complete and happy and fill of joy and peace and I like myself)
Sorry got all that covered!

I would like to meet someone who has faith like me, who is a family man,  who is kind and funny, who doesn’t want a family, who’s kids are grown or almost grown, who enjoys the same things I do, who will make this incredible life I have just that much better.
Until then I will keep being blunt.

So today my friends, be blunt, say what you want and definitely what you won’t put up with, stop beating around the bush, the world won’t end if you say your wishes, no. .. it will just give you exactly what you are asking for if you wait.