Cheaters beware, we are calling you out

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Cheaters beware, we are calling you out!

Yesterday I wrote about a friend who was cheated on, she contacted me because she  knew I was cheated on because of this blog I write. On here I talk about all of my life, the good, the bad and the really ugly, this was the really ugly part.

I was so happy to have seen she called out the cheater in her life publicly, oh yes there it was in black and white for the world to see! I was so happy for her to have that much courage.

I fought with myself if I should write about my cheating ex when it happened. Could I put all of my business out there? Expose my already broken heart to possibly get stomped on yet again? I decided I had to do it, there were women out there who read my stuff and maybe, just maybe this would help them, to know they were not alone, that they would get past this and so I decided to called him out.

It was one of my toughest blogs to write, I felt stupid, like a failure, how could I’ve not know he was cheating on me with not one but 3 women? How could I not know he was leading a double life with a wife and child? Yes, there were signs but I always try to see the best in people and made excuses why 1 + 1 didn’t equal 2.

I held my breath and I wrote it all, all the pain, all the humiliation and all the anger, I called him out on public media.
I got so many calls, texts, emails and Facebook hits, I was overwhelmed. Most were encouraging, but there was definitely some haters, women no less, who said I shouldn’t have put my stuff out there, they were pissed and told me off in no uncertain terms.

That hurt, I was the victim here! What is wrong with you? Why shouldn’t we call these dogs out? What gives them the right to do this again to another unsuspecting victim? No, we need to stand up and call them out.

If I was famous and my boyfriend cheated, you better believe Tmz, the New York Post, Facebook and all of the Internet would know in minutes!
But if your an average Joe you shouldn’t do it? No! We need to take a stand we need to call the cheaters out! Maybe if more of us did this, the cheaters would think twice about cheating and hurting innocent people.
Maybe if there was a consequence for their actions that they would walk away and not hurt a person that way.

I am very proud of my girlfriend for her strength to do this, she will be okay, and maybe just maybe my actions gave her strength to do what she did and I pray her actions give someone else the strength to call out that cheating dog in their life.

Don’t want to be called out? Then don’t do crappie things to others, be responsible for your own actions, simple as that!

So today my friends, do not be ashamed, you’ve done nothing wrong, stand up, stand strong and call out these people, so that others will know and not be taken in to be hurt like this.

Cheaters beware we are coming for you and calling you out!