You never know until you try

Thursday Treadmill Treats
You never know until you try…..

I always talk about trying new things and changing your life, it’s up to you.
How do you know if you like or don’t like something until you try? Change is not a bad word if you embrace it.

I was talking to a friend last night and she was working 18 years for one company that was closing, she was worried and was making herself sick thinking about things that she had no idea would or word not happen.

We all worry about things we can’t change but if you worry does it change anything?  No, it will make you lose sleep, it will make your hair fall out , it will make you run to the doctor thinking you are having a heart attack.

It will physically make you sick, believe me I know, I had all these symptoms and more and did it make my problems away? No! I was more worried about how I was going to pay the doctors bills! So now I even had more stress that is when I realized why worry?  That day I let it go, what if….no no more what if’s either, I let them go too.

What if I crossed the street and get hit by a bus, should I never leave my house?

What if. … will rob you of your future, it will make you afraid of living life.
Should have… another killer, you live with regrets and in the  past.
These will all make you lose focus on the here and now.

So today my friends let go of the fear, let go of the what if’s , let go of should haves, live for the moment, embrace change, look for the good in every opportunity, believe me it’s there and it is such a better way to live your life!