Miracles can happen if you believe

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Miracles can happen if you believe

I am always telling you to put it out there, believe that anything is possible. I have so much faith that I even had the word believe tattooed on my foot, so that I could look at it every day and know I believe in my God, I believe in love, I believe in myself, I believe I can do this. .

I tell you over and over, dream about it, envision it, feel it like it is real, put it out In the universe and it will happen.
I know this because I have done it, I got this home, I got this life, I got this business all from putting these actions in place

Well, if you weren’t a believer before this will definitely make you one, about a month ago I  am at church and a visiting pastor is there and he says there is someone here who is looking to buy a house, we were reading Proverbs 15.50, so he said sow a seed of $15.50  and you will get this house for 150,000. I was in negotiations with my landlord for my house, I am renting so I sowed a seed for 150.50 and put my demand on it.

Later on my girlfriend Lyra said ”  will get your house for 150,000 I told her that she was crazy, that nothing sells in my neighborhood for that price and then I went and gave my landlord an offer for that amount, just for kicks and they turned me down, we negotiate and they gave me a price they wanted, I agreed and wrote up a contract and sent it to them.

They tell me I know it’s worth more and they want 10,000 more than the original agreed upon price. I am pissed, we agreed, I gave them their full asking price, is anyone honorable anymore? Obviously not! I am heartbroken, I sit in my pj’s all day, I cry , I have a big pity party with whine and cheese! 

Then I pray and I realized that my God can do anything and I give it to him. A week later a friend of mine says she knows a house by owner so she talks to the owner and guess what I just got the house for 150,000.

When I called Lyra, she reminded me about that pastor’s sermon which I had forgotten, I am blown away… yes, I believe but this is incredible…
Yes, even me a believer am speechless… If this isn’t a testimony I don’t know what is…
My God is so good and I am truly grateful and blessed.

So today my friends remember when one door closes, God will make another way and open another door for you. Never give up hope, never stop believing, it is posible… I am living proof