Hope lifted up in dry places

Treadmill Treats Monday message

Hope lifted up in dry places

Helen Keller and Elie Wiesel, here are two people who had hope when there was darkness, who believed in hope. Who never gave up on hope.These people still believed in the goodness of people even when they saw the worst in some people.
They could have been bitter and angry for all they went through  and saw and yet they chose not be, they chose to love, to be positive and to forgive.

This is a choice, a choice you make, you choose to believe, to have hope, to have faith, this is all about how you choose to look at life.

Why is it that people today don’t believe in faith, in religion? They don’t want to see it, don’t want it in our schools, on social media but yet when they have hard times they want to know your faith, they want you to pray for them, they pray because they have nothing else, no where else to turn.

Do you do it? Or do you come off with “What now you believe?”
This is a test of how good a Christian you are. Do you show love? Or do you let ego in and say “told you so”
My Bishop asked if your ex came and wanted to know of your faith,would you slam the door in their face?

That was a tough question for me, but even after all the hurt  he has and continues to cause me, I still pray for him, I still try to do the right thing,I never speak bad of him in front of my girls, I even push them to spend more time with him and his family. So I can say I would  tell him and anyone else about my great and might God.

You’ve been hurt by people you loved and trusted, you have a hard heart you are bitter against people and it has made your life harder.
You are carrying around all this bitterness, it is eating at your heart like a cancer. You need to forgive, I know your thinking  forgive, are you nuts? Do you know what they did? Yes, even in spite of what they did, you need to forgive.

Forgiveness is for you not them, you need to learn to let it go and you need to pray for them.

You feel you don’t have it to give because you have a hard heart and you are in too much pain.
You need to leave all your burdens down, give it to God and know that he will fulfill your every need.

Let it go no matter what they’ve  done could it be any worst than what Elie Wiesel went through?   Being in a constration camp for years? Seeing all of your family and friends being killed off in ovens? No food, no clothes, no heat, horrible conditions that we couldn’t even imagine,that no one should ever have to be in, year after year? No, what you’ve  been through could never compare and yet this man Elie Wiesel, forgave, he chose to see the good, to see the best in people, to have faith and hope in the worst of conditions and he let it go. Even in the worst of conditions he had hope.

So today my friends, even when things look bleak,when you can’t see the sun and you feel  you’ve hit rock bottom, it is up to you to hold on to that glimmer of hope even as small as a mustard seed, to forgive those who have hurt you and pray for them and to let it go and let God. There will be better days ahead, Elie Wiesel is living proof of that…