When thing’s are going good there is always someone or something who wants to cut you down

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When things are going good there is always someone or something who wants to cut you down

Yes, I have had hard times and yes, I have have good times, this is life but people think that when you become born again that all your problems magical go away.

Ha, that is farthest from the truth, no you have more problems as if everything is trying to tempt you, mock you saying  “oh yes you believe but look how well this one is doing and they are not a believer”

I remember when I finally got divorce and moved into my own place,so many great things happened for me and my life and I thought yes, this is finally  my season, then I met a man who I thought loved me and remembered thinking, now I have it all…when  BAM! The rug was pulled out from under me and I found out he was a lying, cheating dog, I was crushed yet I pulled myself back up and kept going, kept believing that my God would take care of me and he did, he healed my broken  heart and made me stronger and taught me and my girls an incredible lesson.

Then my life was starting to go great again and all of a sudden Bam! Business changes and many problems with my ex, they say that living well is the best revenge and I am certainly living well but it is killing my ex to see me doing all of this on my own, traveling around the world with my best friend who he hated, taking care of myself  which he told me so many times I could never do.

Yes, he sees how happy I am so and he must try to take back that control he once had and he has cut off my measly child  support. I then lose the deal to my house I was buying.

I have to tell you I am human I had a pity party, I cried, I was pissed, why me God? Haven’t I done all you’ve asked of me?  Am I not faithful? Do I not serve?  But then I remember that it will be alright and I know he will take care of me and I know there will always be haters and something out there trying to cut me down but I can’t lose hope, I must have faith and so I look down at that tattoo on my foot that says “believe ” I take a deep breath, I give thanks for all my blessings and I know it will be okay.

And guess what….yup I got a better,cheaper house, more business and I know that soon, very soon he will be very sorry for cutting off my child support, that all of this will right itself.

So today my friends I tell you all of this to let you know you are not alone, there will be good times  and there will be dark times, it is all to build your faith, to give you a testimony to tell others, it is all so that you keep believing that this too shall pass…