Truly being thankful

Thanksgiving Treadmill Treats

Bring truly thankful

As I wake up this morning to look outside to see the beautiful sunshine and next to me is my wonderful loyal,loving man (Mr. Mashmellow ) knowing my two girls are asleep in their rooms and this is a day of thanksgiving I can’t help but to be grateful for all my blessings.

I don’t need a “special ” day to give thanks for my blessings,to me every day God chooses to wake me up once again is a blessing enough and every morning when my eyes open and every night before I close my eyes, I give him the honor and the praise and I thank him for everything.

But today especially I am grateful because others stop and do this as well, it makes us stop our busy lives and truly take time out to be grateful for what we have.

This year I am especially grateful for my blessings as I know what God and faith can do for you. This have been such an incredible year for me better than I could have ever dreamt possible.

I got to finish my book, I got to become more involved in my church and community, I got to become closer to my girls my friends and nature with a trip of a lifetime to New York, I got to cross off my bucket list a trip to Greece with my best friend, I had an incredible 50th birthday with the one’s I love and I got to fulfill yet another thing on my vision board by buying a home of my dreams.

Yes,this year I am so very grateful for all I have and all the lessons I have learned. I learned I don’t need a man, I learned that even if the rug is pulled out from under you yet again, I had the strength to get back up stronger than before. I learned that family is the most important and friendships can outlast marriages.

I learned to go with the flow, to pray and let God worry, to be in the moment, I unfortunately learned again by losing  a childhood friend way to young that life is way too short not to enjoy each and every moment. I learned the biggest lesson, to never stop believing, never give up and never lose faith.

Yes, this year I have so many things to be grateful for that I will need 363 more days to give thanks for all of them,not just this one special day.

So today my friends,yes stop  and give thanks and remember all the blessings you have but don’t stop there, make every  day a day of thanksgiving.

Have a wonderful day full of love and peace to all.