Friends are the family we choose for ourselves

Tuesday Treadmill Treats

FriendsĀ  are the family we choose for ourselves.

I am an olny child, I always wanted a big family with lots of brothers and sisters, every only child’s dream. So as I got older I decided to choose my family, I always had alot of friends in place of my missing siblings.

As time past and my real family became smaller and more spread out, my “other” family became bigger. This weekend really taught me a great lesson (you know I am always looking for the lessons in life )
that even if you don’t have family near you, you can choose your “family” and how it doesn’t take blood to unite you together.
I let my girls go to their dad’s for thanksgiving this year,even though it was technically my year to have them. I didn’t want them to have to choose and feel bad, so I chose for them. We had a nice morning together watching the parade, then we ate antipasto and they went to his house.

I have a great friend who invited me to his house, I truly love his family and always have a ball when I go there. He didn’t disappoint, I laughed till my sides hurt and had a wonderful Thanksgiving there.

On Friday my best friend Melva, flew in from Georgia and on Friday night we had our own thanksgiving with other friends and my girls and their friends.
See I realized that it didn’t have to be on thanksgiving day to be a thanksgiving, it’s all about being with the one’s you love, spending time, laughing and sharing memories that makes it special.

We ate,we drank, we danced and boy did we laugh! This was my “family” they love me no matter what, they have my back, they are there for me through thick or thin, that’s what family is supposed to do and just because we don’t share the same blood,we share the same heart.

We spent the weekend together, we went to the beach,we watched movies, we slept in, we shopped and we had yet another celebration dinner the night before she left. She made a incredible Puerto RicanĀ  traditional dinner and yet again we gave “thanks” for being able to spend this quality time together. This weekend I had alot to be grateful for I have my God, I have great girls, I incredible friends and I am truly blessed.

I said all weekend how truly happy I was and that I never imagined that I would be this happy but yet again God has blessed me over and over.

So today my friends remember there doesn’t have to be a “special ” day to give thanks, you don’t have to have a blood family to have a family, you can choose your family and remember to give thanks every day of the year for all you do have.