The power in his name

Treadmill Treats Monday message
There’s power in his name….

Every Monday I write a message that I hear from my Bishop in church the day before,  I try to take his words and put my twist on them so that I can share his wisdom with the world.

That is the basis of being Christian, being Christ like, sharing the message of love and hope but today we are afraid to mention his name as if  just speaking it will offend someone else, so we keep quiet.
I remember when I first started on this journey to find myself and I was writing this blog, I would say things like “the universe” or “the powers that be” because I didn’t want to say God and definitely not my God,no I was to afraid to put that out there.

But then I realize that I had to speak of my faith,people had to know what got me through the darkest hours, what I held onto, had faith in, believe in in the storm, there was no sugar coating it, it was my faith, my God. I even had people contact me telling me I was talking to much about God,what is this “God thing” even that I was scaring people.

I am sorry this is a free country if you don’t like it, read another blog, simple as that but I will continue talking about God and about the name of Christ and all my faith did in my life so that maybe others can find the peace and joy I did.

Especially in this time of year it is the Christmas season, where did you think we got “Christmas from? Christ birth, that is what we are celebrating, all this
“let’s  not offend others” is crap, this is what it is all about, don’t like it, don’t celebrate it, simple as that but don’t tell me I shouldn’t talk about the savior as this is his birthday and I will speak freely, without shame or fear as this is still the United States of America, land of the free.

Do you want to know about a name? This is what it says about his name… This is what gets me through and this is what I know is for sure.

Whenever you have a need…whatever you ask in my name I will do.

When you want him to show up.. When 2 or more gather together in my name and I will be there.

This is the name above all names, this is my God, this is what the season is truly about, this is Christ.