I am a work in progress

Thursday Treadmill Treats

I am a work in progress

I wish I could  say I am a perfect child of God, that I don’t get mad or yell at stupid drivers or  fight with my kids, that I never   say horrible things but I can’t say that because I’m not a liar, I tell you time and time again I am not Willy Wonker I don’t sugar coat it.

I try every day to be a better person and not do these things but I am human and I have my moments just like the rest of us. It’s a pratice as I keep saying and I am practicing, some days I get it right some days like yesterday I blow it big time!

I work 3 jobs, I just got finished writing my book, I am researching publishing, I need to set up a new website, I am working on remodeling a new home I just bought and I have 2 girls and a home to take care of, yeah to say the least, I have alot of my plate.

Throw in a ex that hasn’t paid child support in months and a partner that won’t give me back my business, a couple of court cases in the mix and yes, that human part comes in and makes you snap!

Yesterday wasn’t  a proud day for me, it’s been a long week already and as I am trying to go to the post office to pick up some kind of package, in the parking lot 4 people couldn’t figure out how to park or drive, well that started me yelling and cursing in my true New York style, cab drivers would have been proud of me!

To get in there and there are 2 tellers and 40 people on line, then they can’t find my package for 25 minutes! ! Really?  I am now running to pick up my little one get her eyebrows done, get cards,balloons and a cake for her sister, rushing home to take them to their dad’s because her aunt is in town to celebrate her birthday and I am not invited.
( yes, that was snarky sorry!) Then waiting at a fast food drive though for another 20 minutes  when I get a text from him
(the ex) yelling at me about his non exstistant checks that was it, I lost it ( I know your all reading this laughing because this happens to all of us in one way or another it’s called life!)

I let him have it calling him all the names he use to call me  and letting  him know exactly what I think of him and that I  am so happy I divorced his stupid ass,  then to top it off I post it on Facebook. Okay, not my proudest moments to say the least but again I am human and just because I go to church doesn’t by any means make me even close to perfection, let’s get that straight!

But it does make me want to become a better person, not this angry person with little tolerance for others, so I go, I pray and I pray that I can become better. I even pray for my enemies. I will never be perfect but I will die trying to be the best me I can be.
I get 365 days to do it over, so yesterday wasn’t my finest, I woke up today and get a do over, today I can chose to be mad or angry or I can chose to say I screwed up and I will try it get it right today.

So today my friends it is a new day, a do over for you and me let’s chose to try to do the right thing, to hold our tongues, to be the best person we can be, think of life as an ech a shech, shake it and we get to rewrite it.