Christmas blessings

Christmas Treadmill Treats

Christmas blessings

There are no gifts I need on this day, nothing I could open that would make me happy, you see because I already have all the gifts money could never buy….

I have the love of my God, the laughter from my girls, I am blessed with my health, my family is always there for me. 
I have a purpose for my life and a gift to share with others.
I have an incredible circle of friends that are like family to me, I have gratefulness and I  want to be a blessing to others and I have found a peace and joy you can never get from a store.

No gifts could ever compare to these… so today my friends remember it’s not about the gifts and how much you spent, it’s about the priceless gifts you already have, you are already blessed.

Merry Christmas to all of you and may you all find peace and joy in your hearts!