The power in his name

Treadmill Treats Monday message
There’s power in his name….

Every Monday I write a message that I hear from my Bishop in church the day before,  I try to take his words and put my twist on them so that I can share his wisdom with the world.

That is the basis of being Christian, being Christ like, sharing the message of love and hope but today we are afraid to mention his name as if  just speaking it will offend someone else, so we keep quiet.
I remember when I first started on this journey to find myself and I was writing this blog, I would say things like “the universe” or “the powers that be” because I didn’t want to say God and definitely not my God,no I was to afraid to put that out there.

But then I realize that I had to speak of my faith,people had to know what got me through the darkest hours, what I held onto, had faith in, believe in in the storm, there was no sugar coating it, it was my faith, my God. I even had people contact me telling me I was talking to much about God,what is this “God thing” even that I was scaring people.

I am sorry this is a free country if you don’t like it, read another blog, simple as that but I will continue talking about God and about the name of Christ and all my faith did in my life so that maybe others can find the peace and joy I did.

Especially in this time of year it is the Christmas season, where did you think we got “Christmas from? Christ birth, that is what we are celebrating, all this
“let’s  not offend others” is crap, this is what it is all about, don’t like it, don’t celebrate it, simple as that but don’t tell me I shouldn’t talk about the savior as this is his birthday and I will speak freely, without shame or fear as this is still the United States of America, land of the free.

Do you want to know about a name? This is what it says about his name… This is what gets me through and this is what I know is for sure.

Whenever you have a need…whatever you ask in my name I will do.

When you want him to show up.. When 2 or more gather together in my name and I will be there.

This is the name above all names, this is my God, this is what the season is truly about, this is Christ.

Teaching my girl to do what they love

Thursday Treadmill Treats

Teaching my girls to do what they love…

Yesterday I wrote about my three jobs I work and that my daughter said I love to work, no I need to work these jobs to pay the bills and how if it was up to me I would just write if given the chance and plan on doing just that one day soon.

It’s  not that I hate what I do now, I am blessed that I have wonderful clients and I enjoy what I do but this is not my purpose, God gave me this gift of writing and this is what fills my soul.

I realize as I get older that you need to do what you love,what you are truly passionate about, what is your calling, otherwise you will not be fulfilled in your heart. Yes, money is important and we all need it to live but money doesn’t make you happy, take it from me I know,  I walked away from lots of it and I was miserable.

Money doesn’t make you get over the fact that you hate your job, that you secretly wish you were doing something else ,that you dread waking up each and every morning knowing you have to go to work.
If you are doing your true purpose it doesn’t feel like work,you can’t wait to do it, hours past and it feels Iike minutes.

When I was writing my book there was some days I would write 10 to 12 hours a day and I would have to force myself to go to sleep because I wanted to keep going, time stopped for me, I was in a zone, I didn’t eat, I lost all track of time, this is what I was born to do, it wasn’t work, it was passion.

This is what I want my girls to learn, I want them to find their purpose early on and pursue that now when they don’t have to worry about bills, kids, mortgage payments, now when they can put all their energy into cultivating this gift. I don’t want them to find it at 45 after doing a bunch of unfilling jobs, I want them to find it early on, money will come later when you are doing your dream and even if you don’t become rich and famous, if every day you get to do something you love, you are rich!

So today my friends, find that gift, maybe it’s cooking, maybe  caring for others, maybe it’s the gift of gab, whatever it may be we all are born with a gift, we need to realize it, cultivate it and then walk out in faith knowing this is what you were born to do.
Live every day to the fullest, do what you love and the blessings will come.

I got three jobs mon. ..

Hump day Treadmill Treats

I got three jobs mon…

I joke around and tell everyone I am like a Jamaican “I got three jobs mon..” ( you have to say it with the Jamaican accent, it sounds better)
But it is true, I do. Last week my daughter said to me you love to work,  I replied no, I have to work, I would love to sit on the beach all day and write that’s what I would love to do for work, this I do to pay the bills.

Don’t get me wrong I do love what I do,I have incredible clients who I adore but to tell the truth, this…writing this blog, writing the book, this is my passion, this is my purpose, while writing my book I would look up and realize I had been writing for eight , ten hours and it wouldn’t feel like it, that is passion. I am just doing everything else until this…. pays my bills full time.

I don’t think about all I do, I just do what I have to do, everyone in my family was hardworking, it’s ingrained in me, it is who I  am. I didn’t get home last night until 10:30 from a clients home, I started my day at 5 am at the gym then worked all day till then. It is what it is. ..I have me and my girls to support and I have no one to lean on,this is it, so I do what I have to do and don’t think about it.

To me this is a cake walk because when I was married I did all of this (yes,three jobs) plus take care of 200 snakes,12 sugar gliders, 2 monkeys, 10 ferrets, 100 lizards, 2 cats and a dog. I also every Saturday took care of the lawn, the sprinklers, the pool and cleaning of all animals cages besides all the normal cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, Pta, room mom, classes for the girls and homework, Hell, this is easy now!

But there is a balance in my life though, I do play as hard as I work, I try not to work weekends and spend that time with my girls and my friends. I go places and do things, I truly enjoy my free time and live life large.

I realized that life is too short and that one day on your death bed you won’t be saying “Wow I wished I worked more” no you will be saying “I wished I spent more time with my loved onrs, doing what I enjoyed to do” all the money in the world won’t change the missed moments you lost. So I try to make sure I get to see every moment, that I don’t have regrets when that day comes.

So today my friends remember that no matter how hard you have to work, take time to enjoy life ,to remember what the important things in life are and know life is way too short not to stop and smell the flowers.

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves

Tuesday Treadmill Treats

Friends  are the family we choose for ourselves.

I am an olny child, I always wanted a big family with lots of brothers and sisters, every only child’s dream. So as I got older I decided to choose my family, I always had alot of friends in place of my missing siblings.

As time past and my real family became smaller and more spread out, my “other” family became bigger. This weekend really taught me a great lesson (you know I am always looking for the lessons in life )
that even if you don’t have family near you, you can choose your “family” and how it doesn’t take blood to unite you together.
I let my girls go to their dad’s for thanksgiving this year,even though it was technically my year to have them. I didn’t want them to have to choose and feel bad, so I chose for them. We had a nice morning together watching the parade, then we ate antipasto and they went to his house.

I have a great friend who invited me to his house, I truly love his family and always have a ball when I go there. He didn’t disappoint, I laughed till my sides hurt and had a wonderful Thanksgiving there.

On Friday my best friend Melva, flew in from Georgia and on Friday night we had our own thanksgiving with other friends and my girls and their friends.
See I realized that it didn’t have to be on thanksgiving day to be a thanksgiving, it’s all about being with the one’s you love, spending time, laughing and sharing memories that makes it special.

We ate,we drank, we danced and boy did we laugh! This was my “family” they love me no matter what, they have my back, they are there for me through thick or thin, that’s what family is supposed to do and just because we don’t share the same blood,we share the same heart.

We spent the weekend together, we went to the beach,we watched movies, we slept in, we shopped and we had yet another celebration dinner the night before she left. She made a incredible Puerto Rican  traditional dinner and yet again we gave “thanks” for being able to spend this quality time together. This weekend I had alot to be grateful for I have my God, I have great girls, I incredible friends and I am truly blessed.

I said all weekend how truly happy I was and that I never imagined that I would be this happy but yet again God has blessed me over and over.

So today my friends remember there doesn’t have to be a “special ” day to give thanks, you don’t have to have a blood family to have a family, you can choose your family and remember to give thanks every day of the year for all you do have.