New year new you

New years day Treadmill Treats

New year, new you!

Last night I went to church, yes church doesn’t sound like the place to be on new year’s eve but I am so truly grateful for all the blessings I have that I wanted to be in the place that changed my life, to be able to give thanks and to hear the message for the upcoming year.

My Bishop say to stop and listen, that so many times you want to do it your way and you miss your blessings. All year long God has been knocking, he’s been telling you to follow him but you done? Just what you wanted to do and where did it get you? No where! God was waiting on you to walk out on faith knowing he would take care of you.

This message was for me, see the keyword “was” because this year I will no longer doubt, I will walk in faith because of all the miracles I have seen him do already in my life.

He spoke of forgiveness for others, about letting go and cutting out negative people from your life, to be grateful for your blessings even through a storm and to let go of your mistakes.
These are the things you need to start the year off with.

Today is the first day of your new year, it’s like a ech a shech  you shook it and now the slate is clean, time to start over,start fresh. Leave the mistakes of last year behind you, let go of people who were weighing you down, negative people, nasty people ,choose who will be in your circle this year. Chose how what you will put up with, chose  to be positive, this is a new year you get to chose how it will be.

But you know what? Its made up of 365 days, 365 do overs, if you make a mistake, you have another day to do it over, don’t beat yourself up over it, just get up ,dust yourself off and do it  over!

So today my friends, it’s the start of a new year, your new year, you get to chose how you want it to start and how you want it to end, don’t be in the same place next year because you didn’t listen or weren’t willing to change, it all starts with you, make this your best year! That is my resolution!

What have you changed in the last year? ?

New years eve Treadmill Treats

What have you changed in the last year?

You  have 1 more day left, so what did you do this year? Are you the same person you were at the start of last year? Have you changed your attitude, let go of your hatred and bitterness? Did you cut out the people that weighted you down last year? Did you stop doing the negative things that plagued you?
Most people make new years resolutions and then don’t keep them.

Its never to late to change even with the hours counting down you can change right now, this minute, this second! Don’t give up, there is always a chance to change yourself and your life.

Don’t say I’m too old, I am set in my ways, I can’t,  it won’t happen. …fill in the blanks with excuses,they are just that, excuses, take action now! Being a winner doesn’t mean you always win, it means you never give up!

Champions are determined, they are not quitters, there is a you tube video I love, it’s two marathon runners, their neck in neck, so close to the finish line when one falls and trips the other one. Their legs are like jello they keep trying to stand yet keep falling, over and over. They try to get up but can’t, then one starts to crawl to the finish line with the other right behind her.

She makes it to the finish line and then helps the other one cross it as well, that is a Champion! It didn’t matter what her timing was it just matter that she finished, nothing was going to stop her even if she had to crawl…that is determination.

When I was doing my triathlon,I had broke my toe the day before, I had got stung in the ass by a sea of huge jelly fish in the beginning of the race and as I was running the last leg of the race, ass burning, toe killing me, the skies opened up and lighting and thunderstorms rained down on me. I didn’t care I was determined to finish.

I raised my fist to the sky and scream “Is that all you got because I am not giving up!”
I crossed the finish line and just as I did the rain stopped and the sun shined on my face. It was one of my proudest moments, I did this despite that I was afraid of swimming and sucked at it, that I hated to run, that all this happened to me, I didn’t quit, I finished what I started out to do! That made me a winner.

They say the greatest accomplished in life is to earn something not to be given it and it’s true, you know you did all by yourself, you did it and that is an incredible feeling.

So today my friends with the last hours left to 2014, don’t wait until the ball drops, change your life right now, this second, it’s never to late to change…

Happy New year to all of you…thank you so much for your continuing support for me and my blog.  I wish you health, peace and joy for the upcoming year and the peace of mind to know anything is possible if you believe. …..