The lessons I’ve learned this year

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The lessons I’ve learned this year

2015 A New year, a new start but what lessons did you learn from 2014?  What things happened to you and what lessons did you take from it?
I am big on lessons, you will never see me saying why me? No, I always saying “ok God what are you trying to teach me here?”

Everything happens for a reason and in it all, is a lesson, if you are willing to look for it. So what did 2014 teach me?

1- To always listen to your gut, always! Twice this year with a man and a career choice I didn’t  and they both turned out horrible! ( yes, I am hard headed and it takes me a few times! duh!)

2- I learned not to listen to others opions and to listen to others opions
I didn’t listen to others when I reached out to my ex boyfriends   wife, ( I didn’t know he was with her, watch the movie The other women,that’s our story they stole,long story, read past blogs lol)
I actually trusted my gut and knew she was a good soul and now we are great friends!

I didn’t listen to everyone  about a career choice and didn’t listen to my gut and that was a huge mistake!

3- Do what you love… big one here, don’t do a job you hate, that makes you sick, physical  and mentally, that is killing your spirit, money doesn’t mean that much. Do what you love, the money will come, step out in fairh.

4- That all relationships can change, I gotten so close to my girls and they to each other. I prayed so much on this one and yes, it’s better than ever!  But some relationships are meant to be let go of, it’s okay… let them go don’t hold on to one that no longer suits your purpose.

5- Finding your purpose, yes, we all have a God given purpose, with this whole ex boyfriend thing last year, it made me dig deep to find mine…this writing is mine, I can do it for hours and have without realizing the time, I love it, it is my passion! My purpose!

6- Be alone, yes this year taught  me, I don’t need a man. I am okay with myself, I like myself  and I learned to fill my life with God, my girls, my friends, my hobbies, my purpose, find yourself again.

7- To forgive and let go, oh big one here! I forgave the ex boyfriend and my ex husband, the latter was harder, when he was constantly coming at me but I want peace in my life, when it was gone I longed for it, I will do anything for it and forgiveness is a way to get there. So I forgave and let it go…peace restored.

8-To dream big! I dreamed I would write a book and I did, I dreamed I would go to Greece  and I did, I dreamed that I would be writing and speaking to others about my journey, my testimony and I am! My next dream? New York times best-selling author and motivational speaker and you better believe it’s going to happen! Big dreams? Big faith!

9- To never give up, no matter how many times I have been knocked down, I will get back up, battered and bruised but I will not quit! I am a fighter, I am a champion!

10-To never stop believing in miracles, yes I never dreamed of owning my own house yet God had bigger dreams then I had for myself!  I got this house 27,000 less than market value and got approved, that is a miracle! ! It taught me to walk out on faith to know anything is possible! !

So today my friends, make a list of lessons you learned last year. You will be surprised at all you learned if you were open to it.
Everything is a leason…. find the lessons!