How will you play this year?

Treadmill Treats Monday message
How will you play this year?

This is a new year, a new chance to change your life, but will you?

Are you ready to change your ways? God has already prepared you for it but are you prepared?
Are you ready to make the necessary changes to get you to where you wtfffftant to go?

At my church we start off the new year with a fast, to clean out our bodies, our minds and we pray so that we may be able to hear God’s voice in our lives.
We want to start the new year giving thanks for our blessings and for the upcoming blesings.
So for 8 days we eat only vegetables and water and we go to church every night,we sacrifice so that we will be blessed the rest of the year.

Now some of you will think that’s crap  and hey you know what they say about opinions right?  I don’t ask you to believe what I do  or what I believe in, it’s a free country and it’s all good. This is what gets me through the day…this God, this church, this Bishop saved my life, if a monkey saved yours and you believe good for you! Whatever gets you through your days is great for you!
This gives us the strength we need …because. …
Romans 8.28

Its all working together for your good…

So what is going to be different from last year? Are you going to do the same things and expect different results?
This yesr don’t miss you God moment. …if your not paying attention you will miss it ..

I know I have missed mine a few times. I took my eye off the ball and missed it, I thought my way was better, I didn’t have enough faith to hold out..
You can not follow the crowd and expect to have a private meeting with God. No matter what anyone says, pay no mind to them, this is your game, your life, play it your way!

This year dont drop the ball, seize your God moment. ..
put God first in everything you do, live righteously and he will give you everything you need.

Here are the 2 easy steps

1 Take advantage of a God moment, act now!

Don’t look around, trust your gut, this is your play, listen to the voice inside of you and go for it!

2 Stay the course
Don’t give up, don’t stop believing, don’t doubt, know you will win, stay focused !

When you drop the ball don’t expect God to pick it up and bring it back to you. That’s on you, you did it…
Don’t say why didn’t this happen or lay blame on everyone but yourself. It’s your fumble, deal with it!

Then admit it, let it go …give it to back to him because even when all hope seems lost…. seconds can change the play of the day…