What I’ve learned from my 8 day fast…

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What I’ve learned from my 8 day fast…

I have fasted before and yes I thought I gotten something out of it but this time it was different this time I was doing this because I was so grateful for all God has done for me, I truly wanted to give something back, to listen, to become closer to him and for that reason it wasn’t difficult for me this year.

I learned that if you put your mind to something you can do it, just do it!
I learned I was able to shut off the tv,the radio, all the negative energy outside and truly focus on good and peace and joy.
I learned that there are many meaningful lessons in the bible that apply to today’s world.
I learned when you are a good person, good things will come to you.
And I learned that I am not going to wear my problems in 2015.

I will not let people’s perceptions of me stop me from my dreams, that I will continue to believe in the impossible because I have seen miracles.

I also learned don’t make decisions when your hungry and worn out, when your under the gun, step back wait, think about the answer, it will come to you.
I learned not everyone that goes to church is honest and looking out for you.Hard one for me but lesson well learned.
But I also learned even then God has your back and will turn things around for you and he placed some incredible people in my life to help me and who also has my back and yet again I am grateful

I learned yesterday that this is the 7th year in the Jewish calendar, that this is a year of rest and that next September is the year of Jubilee.
15 means rest and a new direction
8 means new beginning
For 8 days we fasted in 2015, this is a special year in terms of numbers, this is your year of new beginnings, of the unbelievable, this is your year to seize your God moment!

So today my friends, you have to see what is going to come before it comes. You have to believe in the impossible,you have to throw off your problems because if you see it, if you can believe it, it can be.