Racism why does it still exist?

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Racism why does it still exist?

I could never understand this and today with 50 years under my belt, I still can’t understand it. I never knew it because I wasn’t raised knowing it, my mom was born and raised in Harlem, her best friends were black, there was no segregation in New York.

When we moved upstate even though our town was small we were diversified, we had black families, white, spanish, Jewish, Indian and mixed families as well and we were all friends.

My “big daddy”  Sam Whitfield was family freind as long as I could remember, my first very best friend was named “Cookie” and it was there I learned to love fried chicken, collar greens and her mom’s incredible corn bread.
There was no color, there was friendship, there was love, there was people who had your back and you had theirs, that simple .
It was never us against them or that we thought we were better in any way, we all bleed red,we all have hearts, we are all human beings.

When I started to go to church I found one that touched my heart, one that spoke to me, my soul, it just happened to be a mostly black church, yet I never felt more than welcomed and loved from the moment I stepped foot in there. These wonderful men and women are my friends, they have become my family, yes I would lay down my life for my family, there is that much love there.

So when I still hear so much about racism in this country I am blown away, Why? What makes you think your better than another human being? Who said you were the chosen one? Because someone else doesn’t look like you? 

I would have hoped that in 2015, with so many strides we have made, so many ways we have come forward, look we have a black president who would have thought that was possible?  That there are so many people still stuck in a time warp about racism.

There is no racism, there is stupidism, stupid small minded people who for some god forsaking reason think they are better then someone else.

So today my friends, let’s stamp out stupidism ,let others know it’s not okay to say racial slurs of any kind, to not judge a person on skin color but judge them on their hearts, who they are inside and to be more open minded about another’s culture and race because we all bleed the same color and at the end we all will turn into dust, no matter what color you are.

Be the change you want to see….