Does my happiness make you sick?

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Does my happiness make you sick?

I realized that some people might get sick of my happiness, they might think “Why the hell is she always happy and smiling, life sucks, no one should be that happy, I hate my job, I have no one in my life, or my relationship sucks, my kids are not doing the right thing, I have to take care of my parents, my bills are over do, what the hell are you so happy about!!”

Do you not think I don’t have bills? A job that gets stressful? Kids that make me want to pull my hair out? A relationship, oh please don’t even let me go there! But I don’t chose to not look at all of the negative in my life , I chose to be grateful, I chose not to worry about what I can’t change.

I am happy because I know who I am, I love myself and I all of the small meaningless things in life are just that small and meaningless, thats all, I will never again let any of that effect my life or happiness.

I don’t take one day, one second for granted, it is a gift to me and I kniw that, I want to be present in every moment.There is a song called its good to be alive that is how I feel each and every day. I don’t understand how everyone doesn’t feel this way, God woke you up , you are healthy, you have a job, you drove there today, you have food, gas, friends doesn’t that alone make you want to smile?

We take everything way to serious in this life, we are so worried about what others will think, our status, what we have, how much money we make, that we are killing ourselves trying to keep up, what you dont see is that millionaire that has no true friends, that is lonely and cries at night, that women in church in the fancy dress and purse that cant sleep at night because the bills are past due and she cant pay them, that person with the fancy car at work that parks it 3 blocks away because they are trying to reposs it, no you only see what they show to the world.

I know I no longer need “things” to make me “happy” I get true peace and joy just from being alive! Just from being one with God and the universe, just from spending time with my loved ones or by myself, there is a inner happiness that I can’t keep hidden, it pours over and out of me.

Yes, this is why I sing at the gym at 5:30 am or I dance in the street, that I have a smile on my face all day or a kind word for someone, I am happy and I want to share it with the world.

So today my friends, I have to tell you sorry in advance I am going to make you sick, probably each and every time you see me and I am not sorry! I am hoping that I may rub off on some of you and that you may be happy and grateful just for being alive today. People life is too short, be happy!