Determination will get you there

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Determination will get you there

Do you know in a race all runners run? But there can only be one winner.

This year I am determined to do all I have set out to do, I made a commitment to never miss my God moment, I will walk out on faith to challenges that I cannot see how it could possible happen, but yet believing that it will happen.

If you can’t imagine yourself winning, you won’t ,if you not determined about finishing the race, you will give up, if you do not have the faith to believe,it will not happen.

I was talking with someone this week and I told them of a story of someone I knew who had stage 4 cancer. The doctors gave her 3 months to live but she had faith and hope and she told them she was determined  she was going to live. They must have thought she was nuts, stage 4 ,you don’t live.

She believed in miracles, she never gave up,she willed herself better. Two months later when then ran more scans with one month left of the doctors death sentence,she was cured, yup no cancer, all gone. The doctors couldn’t believe it but she believed it, she believed in prayer and she was determined and look where it got her.

My friend asked if I was Tinker bell, yes, I am. I believe.
She said she didn’t believe in miracles, I told her then she would never receive one,you have to believe to receive. ..

Dont sit around day after day saying  poor me, you don’t know what I’ve been through, I am not lucky, there is no way it can change.
Because with thoughts like that it wont,  your telling yourself you will never get better, become successful or change your circumstances, you have no shot at change. It all starts with you and your attitude.
Surrounded yourself with people who influence your life in a positive way. Here are 7 ways to start to change

1. Write a set of goals down:
Write a list, make a vision board, look at it ,envision it.

2 Take action:
Do something to get it started, research it ,talk to others..

3. Be flexible to make changes to your goals:
It’s okay it if doesn’t happen exactly like you see it,  it can be way better than you thought.

4 Over look the distractions:
Focus on the prize.

5.Never quit:
No matter what, keep going.

6.Use life experience to your benefit:
Always ask what can I learn from this?

7. Don’t do it by yourself:
Know that there are others around your supporting your dream.

There are 3 things that will bring you down

1. Negative thoughts
I can never do this..

2.People’s attitude
You will never do that

3.Flashbacks of your past….
You know where you came from, your a loser,you can’t do it, see you tried before. Forget all of that, know you can do anything you set your mind to.

So today my friends you have to be determined to be determined.
Do not leave your destiny in the hands of people….
Do not trust people with your happiness
Change your thoughts,  change your life..

How I became a professional organizer

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How I  became a professional organizer

  I was legal assistant for many years, my boss went to jail for embezzlement and the real estate market went belly up.
I was out of work for eight months when my Bishop said do what your passionate about.
Well, I was always organizing friends houses for free, I said to my friends “do people really pay for this?” But I had nothing to lose so I started the business and I tried and tried to get an ad with Groupon and Living Social but with no luck.

When I asked “God, if this is what I am supposed to do send a sign and since I am dumb as rocks, let’s make it clear, have either one of those companies call and accept me. The next day the phone rang and it was Groupon!  Saying they wanted to run my ad! I can’t make this up!

But because I am human and hard headed, I needed yet another sign, three days later at church, there was a women who was sitting next to me, she was crying, I put my arm around her and offer her a tissue. After service she said she was visiting from the Bahamas and she was a minister, she told me God told her to come here today and he wanted me to know not to worry that this business I was starting,that it was going to successful, just to believe and have faith. I didn’t know this women, how could she possibly know I was starting this business, that I was praying for that very thing that night, I went into the ugly cry, this was definitely a sign.

But as I said before sometimes I am dumb as rocks and when 3 days later the phone rang with a job I had applied for a month before, a real paying job with real money every week. I struggled with it because there were all these signs I asked for and I knew this was what I should and wanted to be doing yet here was this nicely paying job….I had faith but I just about  to get divorced and needed to make sure I had a steady income so I took the job.

The next day the doctor called and told me bad news about my recent tests, they didn’t like what they saw and told me I needed more tests, she said there was a lump in my lipnoids, now coming from a family of breast  cancer, I was scared.
I started the new job the following day, at the end of the day of me sitting there taking notes they told me they didn’t have time to train me and that they were sorry. What? I was fired on my first day? Are you frigging kidding me?

I went home crushed, I cried and I prayed and then the next day my phone starting ringing and there were all these clients for my new business. I knew God had closed one door to open another, since I wasn’t  getting it, he did it for me.
It has now been 2 years, doing what I love to do,yes there have been some tough times but he has always provided for me and I am happy doing what I love.

By the way, after a host of testing, the lump they found had disappeared, the doctors were dumbfounded but I wasn’t I knew all that was possible if you believe.

So my friends I am here to tell you to take a leap of faith, watch for the signs and then listen, you will never know until you try… and even if you fall, get back up, learn the lessons you needed to learn and try again. Do what your passionate about and it will never feel like work.
Today take that chance on you, your worth it.