Today we celebrate Martin Luther King

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Today we celebrate Martin Luther King

I don’t understand why the world is the way it is, why do we not celebrate a person’s accomplishments when they are alive. Why is it that a painter is not truly famous until they die? Or a actor giving kodos for the work until after they are gone?

In everyday life it is the same, we don’t bring flowers to people until after they are dead and can no longer smell them, we don’t tell them how much they mean to us or how great we think they are until it’s too late.

Martin Luther King was a great man, he had an incredible message of peace, he stood up to tell the world that we can all live together, black, white, Indian, Asian, it doesn’t matter what color we are, we are all the same. In a time when the country was most divided, he had the courage to speak his message of hope.

He saw people for people, he didn’t see race or religion and he wasn’t afraid to preach this message. He was an incredible man and humanitarian and his life and words changed the world as everyone saw it.

Yet when he was alive he didn’t have such an impact as when his live was cut short, by a crazed man who didn’t agree with his message of peace.
It was after his death that his words came to mean so much to so many.
His words never changed so why did we hear them after his death? The old saying is true, you never know what you have until it’s gone comes to mind and unfortunately it’s true.

Life is too short, you need to let go of your hate of another human being based on race or religion. We are all the same. We all bleed red, we are all just trying to make it, why must we hate someone who is different from ourselves? Why can’t we celebrate the fact that we are not all the same?

So today my friends, let’s celebrate that fact that we are free, that I am allowed to worship in a church with my black friends, that there is no more segregation, that everyone is equal just like he dreamed about and preached about all those years ago.

Let’s keep his dream alive by telling the people in your life today how much they mean to you and how their words and their life effect yours.
Don’t wait till its too late, change the way you see others, judge them for their hearts, not their color. Except people who are different, be a message of peace. Change the world one message at a time, in doing that we can all keep his message alive.