That’s what friends are for

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That’s what friends are for…

Recently I bought a house and it needed to be gutted completely. The only things I could salvage was 2 ceiling fans and a garbage disposal, yes seriously!
Everything else I had to buy new, being a single mom, I had no one to help me do anything, to bounce stuff off of or to hold my hand through this process.

You know I don’t sugar coat anything, as I am not Willy  Wonker, I always tell you that, so I will tell you it’s been scary and overwhelming.This has been the first time in 25 years that I have done something like this all on my own.

There are days when problems come up that I think I took on too much, there are nights I can’t sleep worrying about the bills, if I am going to get out of my rental on time, am I going to get more business. Yes, I am human, I really try not to worry and for the most part I don’t but this is a big undertaking and sometimes I slip.

I had the plumber rip me off, very expensive lesson and someone from my own church try to rip me off (just because someone goes to church does not make them holy, leaned  that lesson too!)
But what I really learned was that I have some incredible people in my life. I am blessed with great friends and family, that have been coming to my rescue in the last few weeks.

I have nothing to pay them, yet they are here giving of their time and themselves to help me out and I am so grateful for all their help.
Someone told me that I had always been there for them, that I always give of myself to help others and this is what you get back in return. I never think of that when I do things for others, I do them out of my heart, not expecting anything in return.
This made me cry knowing that I had touched people’s hearts in such a way that they wanted to give back to me.

I am pretty handy and I can do a lot of different things around the house and have been, like disconnecting and pulling out old sinks and toilets, putting together closet systems,
attempting to put down laminate flooring  (which came out okay, thank God for trim) the yard clean up, my back splash and a host of many other small jobs I can tackle.

But I have my limits, I don’t do drywall or electrical or 45 degree cuts and for that I have been relying on my friends for help in those areas.

So today I want to thank  all of my incredible friends  and family that have been here and will  probably continue to be here for a few more weeks to help me out, I could never do this without you and I am truly grateful for it all.

Thank you, wifey Jilly Jill, Griselle, Adrian, Mark and Kelly, Carol and Rick, Dave, Linda, my tile guy Joe, and my new neighbors who have been wonderful. You mean the world to me and I can never repay you except by cooking for you!

So today my friends, be grateful  for your friends because they are the family we chose for ourselves, pick wisely and if you do you will have an amazing family like mine.