Racism why does it still exist?

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Racism why does it still exist?

I could never understand this and today with 50 years under my belt, I still can’t understand it. I never knew it because I wasn’t raised knowing it, my mom was born and raised in Harlem, her best friends were black, there was no segregation in New York.

When we moved upstate even though our town was small we were diversified, we had black families, white, spanish, Jewish, Indian and mixed families as well and we were all friends.

My “big daddy”  Sam Whitfield was family freind as long as I could remember, my first very best friend was named “Cookie” and it was there I learned to love fried chicken, collar greens and her mom’s incredible corn bread.
There was no color, there was friendship, there was love, there was people who had your back and you had theirs, that simple .
It was never us against them or that we thought we were better in any way, we all bleed red,we all have hearts, we are all human beings.

When I started to go to church I found one that touched my heart, one that spoke to me, my soul, it just happened to be a mostly black church, yet I never felt more than welcomed and loved from the moment I stepped foot in there. These wonderful men and women are my friends, they have become my family, yes I would lay down my life for my family, there is that much love there.

So when I still hear so much about racism in this country I am blown away, Why? What makes you think your better than another human being? Who said you were the chosen one? Because someone else doesn’t look like you? 

I would have hoped that in 2015, with so many strides we have made, so many ways we have come forward, look we have a black president who would have thought that was possible?  That there are so many people still stuck in a time warp about racism.

There is no racism, there is stupidism, stupid small minded people who for some god forsaking reason think they are better then someone else.

So today my friends, let’s stamp out stupidism ,let others know it’s not okay to say racial slurs of any kind, to not judge a person on skin color but judge them on their hearts, who they are inside and to be more open minded about another’s culture and race because we all bleed the same color and at the end we all will turn into dust, no matter what color you are.

Be the change you want to see….


What I’ve learned from my 8 day fast…

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What I’ve learned from my 8 day fast…

I have fasted before and yes I thought I gotten something out of it but this time it was different this time I was doing this because I was so grateful for all God has done for me, I truly wanted to give something back, to listen, to become closer to him and for that reason it wasn’t difficult for me this year.

I learned that if you put your mind to something you can do it, just do it!
I learned I was able to shut off the tv,the radio, all the negative energy outside and truly focus on good and peace and joy.
I learned that there are many meaningful lessons in the bible that apply to today’s world.
I learned when you are a good person, good things will come to you.
And I learned that I am not going to wear my problems in 2015.

I will not let people’s perceptions of me stop me from my dreams, that I will continue to believe in the impossible because I have seen miracles.

I also learned don’t make decisions when your hungry and worn out, when your under the gun, step back wait, think about the answer, it will come to you.
I learned not everyone that goes to church is honest and looking out for you.Hard one for me but lesson well learned.
But I also learned even then God has your back and will turn things around for you and he placed some incredible people in my life to help me and who also has my back and yet again I am grateful

I learned yesterday that this is the 7th year in the Jewish calendar, that this is a year of rest and that next September is the year of Jubilee.
15 means rest and a new direction
8 means new beginning
For 8 days we fasted in 2015, this is a special year in terms of numbers, this is your year of new beginnings, of the unbelievable, this is your year to seize your God moment!

So today my friends, you have to see what is going to come before it comes. You have to believe in the impossible,you have to throw off your problems because if you see it, if you can believe it, it can be.


How will you play this year?

Treadmill Treats Monday message
How will you play this year?

This is a new year, a new chance to change your life, but will you?

Are you ready to change your ways? God has already prepared you for it but are you prepared?
Are you ready to make the necessary changes to get you to where you wtfffftant to go?

At my church we start off the new year with a fast, to clean out our bodies, our minds and we pray so that we may be able to hear God’s voice in our lives.
We want to start the new year giving thanks for our blessings and for the upcoming blesings.
So for 8 days we eat only vegetables and water and we go to church every night,we sacrifice so that we will be blessed the rest of the year.

Now some of you will think that’s crap  and hey you know what they say about opinions right?  I don’t ask you to believe what I do  or what I believe in, it’s a free country and it’s all good. This is what gets me through the day…this God, this church, this Bishop saved my life, if a monkey saved yours and you believe good for you! Whatever gets you through your days is great for you!
This gives us the strength we need …because. …
Romans 8.28

Its all working together for your good…

So what is going to be different from last year? Are you going to do the same things and expect different results?
This yesr don’t miss you God moment. …if your not paying attention you will miss it ..

I know I have missed mine a few times. I took my eye off the ball and missed it, I thought my way was better, I didn’t have enough faith to hold out..
You can not follow the crowd and expect to have a private meeting with God. No matter what anyone says, pay no mind to them, this is your game, your life, play it your way!

This year dont drop the ball, seize your God moment. ..
put God first in everything you do, live righteously and he will give you everything you need.

Here are the 2 easy steps

1 Take advantage of a God moment, act now!

Don’t look around, trust your gut, this is your play, listen to the voice inside of you and go for it!

2 Stay the course
Don’t give up, don’t stop believing, don’t doubt, know you will win, stay focused !

When you drop the ball don’t expect God to pick it up and bring it back to you. That’s on you, you did it…
Don’t say why didn’t this happen or lay blame on everyone but yourself. It’s your fumble, deal with it!

Then admit it, let it go …give it to back to him because even when all hope seems lost…. seconds can change the play of the day…


The lessons I’ve learned this year

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The lessons I’ve learned this year

2015 A New year, a new start but what lessons did you learn from 2014?  What things happened to you and what lessons did you take from it?
I am big on lessons, you will never see me saying why me? No, I always saying “ok God what are you trying to teach me here?”

Everything happens for a reason and in it all, is a lesson, if you are willing to look for it. So what did 2014 teach me?

1- To always listen to your gut, always! Twice this year with a man and a career choice I didn’t  and they both turned out horrible! ( yes, I am hard headed and it takes me a few times! duh!)

2- I learned not to listen to others opions and to listen to others opions
I didn’t listen to others when I reached out to my ex boyfriends   wife, ( I didn’t know he was with her, watch the movie The other women,that’s our story they stole,long story, read past blogs lol)
I actually trusted my gut and knew she was a good soul and now we are great friends!

I didn’t listen to everyone  about a career choice and didn’t listen to my gut and that was a huge mistake!

3- Do what you love… big one here, don’t do a job you hate, that makes you sick, physical  and mentally, that is killing your spirit, money doesn’t mean that much. Do what you love, the money will come, step out in fairh.

4- That all relationships can change, I gotten so close to my girls and they to each other. I prayed so much on this one and yes, it’s better than ever!  But some relationships are meant to be let go of, it’s okay… let them go don’t hold on to one that no longer suits your purpose.

5- Finding your purpose, yes, we all have a God given purpose, with this whole ex boyfriend thing last year, it made me dig deep to find mine…this writing is mine, I can do it for hours and have without realizing the time, I love it, it is my passion! My purpose!

6- Be alone, yes this year taught  me, I don’t need a man. I am okay with myself, I like myself  and I learned to fill my life with God, my girls, my friends, my hobbies, my purpose, find yourself again.

7- To forgive and let go, oh big one here! I forgave the ex boyfriend and my ex husband, the latter was harder, when he was constantly coming at me but I want peace in my life, when it was gone I longed for it, I will do anything for it and forgiveness is a way to get there. So I forgave and let it go…peace restored.

8-To dream big! I dreamed I would write a book and I did, I dreamed I would go to Greece  and I did, I dreamed that I would be writing and speaking to others about my journey, my testimony and I am! My next dream? New York times best-selling author and motivational speaker and you better believe it’s going to happen! Big dreams? Big faith!

9- To never give up, no matter how many times I have been knocked down, I will get back up, battered and bruised but I will not quit! I am a fighter, I am a champion!

10-To never stop believing in miracles, yes I never dreamed of owning my own house yet God had bigger dreams then I had for myself!  I got this house 27,000 less than market value and got approved, that is a miracle! ! It taught me to walk out on faith to know anything is possible! !

So today my friends, make a list of lessons you learned last year. You will be surprised at all you learned if you were open to it.
Everything is a leason…. find the lessons!


New year new you

New years day Treadmill Treats

New year, new you!

Last night I went to church, yes church doesn’t sound like the place to be on new year’s eve but I am so truly grateful for all the blessings I have that I wanted to be in the place that changed my life, to be able to give thanks and to hear the message for the upcoming year.

My Bishop say to stop and listen, that so many times you want to do it your way and you miss your blessings. All year long God has been knocking, he’s been telling you to follow him but you done? Just what you wanted to do and where did it get you? No where! God was waiting on you to walk out on faith knowing he would take care of you.

This message was for me, see the keyword “was” because this year I will no longer doubt, I will walk in faith because of all the miracles I have seen him do already in my life.

He spoke of forgiveness for others, about letting go and cutting out negative people from your life, to be grateful for your blessings even through a storm and to let go of your mistakes.
These are the things you need to start the year off with.

Today is the first day of your new year, it’s like a ech a shech  you shook it and now the slate is clean, time to start over,start fresh. Leave the mistakes of last year behind you, let go of people who were weighing you down, negative people, nasty people ,choose who will be in your circle this year. Chose how what you will put up with, chose  to be positive, this is a new year you get to chose how it will be.

But you know what? Its made up of 365 days, 365 do overs, if you make a mistake, you have another day to do it over, don’t beat yourself up over it, just get up ,dust yourself off and do it  over!

So today my friends, it’s the start of a new year, your new year, you get to chose how you want it to start and how you want it to end, don’t be in the same place next year because you didn’t listen or weren’t willing to change, it all starts with you, make this your best year! That is my resolution!


What have you changed in the last year? ?

New years eve Treadmill Treats

What have you changed in the last year?

You  have 1 more day left, so what did you do this year? Are you the same person you were at the start of last year? Have you changed your attitude, let go of your hatred and bitterness? Did you cut out the people that weighted you down last year? Did you stop doing the negative things that plagued you?
Most people make new years resolutions and then don’t keep them.

Its never to late to change even with the hours counting down you can change right now, this minute, this second! Don’t give up, there is always a chance to change yourself and your life.

Don’t say I’m too old, I am set in my ways, I can’t,  it won’t happen. …fill in the blanks with excuses,they are just that, excuses, take action now! Being a winner doesn’t mean you always win, it means you never give up!

Champions are determined, they are not quitters, there is a you tube video I love, it’s two marathon runners, their neck in neck, so close to the finish line when one falls and trips the other one. Their legs are like jello they keep trying to stand yet keep falling, over and over. They try to get up but can’t, then one starts to crawl to the finish line with the other right behind her.

She makes it to the finish line and then helps the other one cross it as well, that is a Champion! It didn’t matter what her timing was it just matter that she finished, nothing was going to stop her even if she had to crawl…that is determination.

When I was doing my triathlon,I had broke my toe the day before, I had got stung in the ass by a sea of huge jelly fish in the beginning of the race and as I was running the last leg of the race, ass burning, toe killing me, the skies opened up and lighting and thunderstorms rained down on me. I didn’t care I was determined to finish.

I raised my fist to the sky and scream “Is that all you got because I am not giving up!”
I crossed the finish line and just as I did the rain stopped and the sun shined on my face. It was one of my proudest moments, I did this despite that I was afraid of swimming and sucked at it, that I hated to run, that all this happened to me, I didn’t quit, I finished what I started out to do! That made me a winner.

They say the greatest accomplished in life is to earn something not to be given it and it’s true, you know you did all by yourself, you did it and that is an incredible feeling.

So today my friends with the last hours left to 2014, don’t wait until the ball drops, change your life right now, this second, it’s never to late to change…

Happy New year to all of you…thank you so much for your continuing support for me and my blog.  I wish you health, peace and joy for the upcoming year and the peace of mind to know anything is possible if you believe. …..