To really feel gratitude

Monday morning message

To really feel gratitude

My bestie sent me a article yesterday that said the most blessed people are the ones who are grateful for their lives. It said it’s not happy people that are grateful, it’s grateful people that are happy.
If you read my blog you know that I was blessed with this new home, this was literally a gift from God. I say that because one, a preacher spoke it to me with the exact  number I was to buy the house for. Second, I never thought I could get approved and third, it went 27,000 below market value, all of that was gifts from God.

I never take his gifts in my life lightly as I know I am blessed and I know it could have been another way and was for a long time.

This alone makes me so grateful because I’ve been in that dark place, I know what rock bottom feels like, I know how it feels to hate your life so much that you no longer want to go on, that you pray for the end to come, I have not forgotten the pain and hurt I use to try to drown with alcohol while crying until I had nothing left in the bathtub.

Yes, I remember all of that and because of it, I am always grateful for where I am now. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t go to sleep and wake up thanking God for all of this, during my day as I am driving, I will see a beautiful sky and will thank him.

I listen to the radio and a great song will come on and it makes me happy, I will thank him, I come home and see my girls smiling and laughing together and I double thank him as I remember when they use to hate each other and I prayed for them to be friends.

I thank him for my business, my money, my friends and family our health, for it all. I thank him for giving me his grace and mercy, I am constantly thanking him because I am so grateful of where I am now.

Yesterday, as my house was finally starting to look like a home and not the war zone it has been the last month, I was putting up pictures when I looked around and realized that I actually own a home, I did this, I am so proud of myself and I was so taken by this feeling of gratitude that I started to cry,my daughter came out and asked why I was crying and I told her how grateful I felt for all of this, so much so, that it sometimes takes my breath away.

So today my friends even if your in a dark place right now be grateful, keep singing his praises, keep the faith and believe it will change because when it does and it will… you will be forever grateful for where you have been, what you’ve come out off and what he has done in your life. God has bigger dreams than you can ever dream for yourself…I am living proof.