Does anyone take pride in their work?

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Does anyone take pride in their work?

Since remodeling this home and since I had to become my own general contractor I’ve learned alot.

1.I learned definitely go with recommended people, see their work, this way you know what your getting before the job is started.

2. Don’t think that everyone who goes to church is holy and not going to rip you off.

3. Do your homework, know the prices and going rates before you start.

4. Get everything in writing!  Don’t think anyone is doing anything extra for you.

5. Pray… pray and pray some more that you have a lot of friends, pray the contractors will finish on time, pray you don’t kill someone in the process, pray….

In saying all of that I’ve also learned that when you are a women people think your dumb, what are we living in the dark ages or what? They think you don’t know how things are supposed to be.

The kitchen guy Jacob, from The Kitchen remodeling company in Hallandale was  fighting with me about my built in refrigerator, telling me I bought the wrong refrigerator that it’s normal that 4 inches of the refrigerator sticks out of the built in, well then it wouldn’t be built in, would it??

Ha, thank God for Google images that I showed him 10k kitchens that were indeed built in all the way to the doors with standard refrigerators.
So…he fixed it nah…really? ?

Then he gives me a 5 inch filler…yes you read that right 5 inch filler in my pantry are you joking? The crown modeling is not cut right or caulked, their are holes in my walls they they need to be filled, the dishwasher now has a 3 inch gap on both sides, the desk has no gromite holes, the granite in the side of the stove fell off, the microwave cut out is for a giant microwave from 1970 ?? And only 12 inches wide which after measuring 50 microwaves, I realized that 12 deep microwaves don’t exist, yet he blamed me for buying the wrong microwave as well.

He does this every day, you sell me a special cabinet for microwaves that can’t hold a microwave and it’s my fault? ? There is shoddy workmenship and the list goes on and on…and they are a 14 days behind schedule and still not finished!

Then he’s got an attitude with me?? I am the client, you suck it up but you never have attitude with a client. I am at my last nerve and he’s eating on that one fast, I can’t wait for this to be over, it’s been a long, hard month and I am far from over.
Yeah, yeah I know it will be worth it …Yada, Yada Yada … but while your in the storm words don’t give you that much comfort, all you want is it to be done.

If I got this kitchen from my cousin at a super deal, then you get what you get and you don’t get upset but I paid top dollar for this kitchen and I expect top dollar work, sorry if  that makes me a bitch in your eyes, I work hard for my money, do your job right and we don’t have a problem.

No one has to tell me how to do my job, I come in and do it and I make sure your happy with it, because I take pride in my work, I want you to be happy,this is my name on the company, I want you to refer me to your friends and family.

I am equally fair, if you do a good job, the tile guy who I wrote about in a previous blog has gotten 5 referral from me, the painter got 3 jobs he did while doing mine and my friend Mark who does construction will be getting so much business from me his head will spin. If you do a good job I will tell everyone and you deserve it but if your crappy  you better believe I will also be telling everyone just like I did with the plumber, Mr.Service who ripped me off. I don’t want anyone to go though what I did so I will inform you on what kind of service a contractor provides.

So today my friends I write this is hopes that you will have a few pointers if you have to go through this and to hopefully open some people’s eyes on taking pride in their work. At the very least I have gotten this off my chest and will move on to my next project the back yard…wish me luck!