It’s about my journey

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It’s about my journey. …

People ask me all the time about my faith and why I blog so much about it. I even had people tell me I need to stop talking about it, that I was scaring people off because of this.

I even wrote a blog about it called “Does my faith scare you?” Because of all the slack I have gotten over this. I am not here to stand on a soap box, to cram my faith down your throat or to preach that you better¬† believe or you’ll go to hell, that is not me, that is not my mission.

I am here to tell my story, to let you know how I got here, it may not work for you and that’s okay, this is my journey and this is my purpose, to write and be able to share how I over came all the advertiser I have had in my life.

Weither you believe my story or not, its okay too, its my story. I know what happened in my life and what got me to the stage where I am now. I know it was God that got me through all of it.

It was God that I prayed to when I was raped and thrown out of that car on the side of the road. It was my God that I prayed to for answers after I woke up, from trying to take my own life. He was the one I felt grace from when I went on to become a rape consular and help others. It was my God that I prayed to when I woke up on the floor from a seven day coke binge , dirty and smelly asking him to save my life.

He is same one I give thanks to from taking away my urge to do drugs and drink. It was my God I prayed to when I was dying a slow death in a verbally abusive marriage, when I could no longer go on and I fell to my knees defeated, broken and empty. It was his name I cried out when I could no longer do it on my own.

So why do I write about it?  Because without his grace and glory I could not have went on, his love put peace in my heart, his words made me believe in myself, his grace made me forgive myself for my many mistakes and forgive others for theirs as well.
In his love I changed my whole life around and I have found a whole new life that I could only dreamed about before.

So today my friends, I am here to tell you what worked for me, this positive, happy, peaceful person you see before you is only here because I gave my life up to God. The choice is yours, I always tell you that… choose my way or choose your own, the choice is up to you.
This is my choice, this is my journey, this is about my happiness and I choose to share my story with you.

Being open to new things

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Being open to learn new things

I have learned a lot these last few years since my separation and divorce, I learned change is good, I learned what I will except in my life and what is an absolute deal breaker, I learned lessons from trusting people and being hurt from them, I learned I am okay on my own but the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be open to learning.

Yes, you have to be open to learning otherwise you stay stagnant and close minded. These lessons taught me so much about who I am and what I am made out of. I realized you will never be too old to learn new tricks and if you ever feel that you are too smart to learn something new, then you are truly a moron.

I remember having this argument with my ex, he would say a leopard can’t change its spots. I believe that yes, a leopard can change its spots,¬†no one has to stay in the same situation, keep doing things over and over the same way expecting different results, that’s just insanity, it’s up to you to decide to change and learn a different behavior.

Since buying this house I have learned how to do a lot of things I never thought I was capable of. Starting with taking care of myself, going through negotiations and bank mortgages, paperwork and many decisions I had never made on my own before.

I learned how to do things in my home out of the necessity of trying to save some money. I learned how to put down hard wood floors, how to put up closets, change light fixtures and now how to put up a fence and do a paver patio. I am excited about learning all of these things and grateful that I am open minded enough to try.

I remember when I was doing my triathlon everyone had their age marked on their calves as I was running thinking I can’t do this, this women runs by me. Her calf said 79, yes 79 and she was running past me! Look she didn’t let her age stop her, she learned that age is just a number and yes you can do anything you set your mind to. This gave me the courage to go on, she was my inspiration to always keep trying new things at any age.

I want to keep learning and keep an open mind until I no longer have a mind left. Because it is when you think you can’t learn anything new that you are dead.

So today my friends, have an open mind, try new things, never think your too old to learn new tricks, know a leopard can change its spots and be open to learn new lessons.’s amazing what you can learn when you try.