Why would you gossip about others

Tuesday Treadmill Treats

Why would you gossip about others?

I went to a party the other night and it was amazing how some people like to gossip about others. The first thing they did was start whispering about this one and that one, I don’t get it.
We are at a point in our lives that we should be adult enough to let go of all the petty bullshit and be happy for others successes not their failures.

I am not jealous of anyone as I know that looks can be deceiving, yes that friend who has those Lou shoes or the Gucci purse looks good on the outside but inside she is dying and unhappy. Your friend with the big house and fancy car can’t sleep at night because they are drowning in debt. The friend who thinks they are better than everyone else and puts others down is really insurcure about themselves and is trying to take the focus off of their own shortcomings.

I want to know the good stuff, they decided to change their lives, they got a promotion,
a new house, someone gifted them with a new car. That is what I want to talk about, the positive things not the negative.
I focus on all the good around me, I don’t think there is nothing missing, nothing lacking or nothing broken in my life. I am full and I want to stay in that space, for me gossip is a waste of time just like watching the news, all you hear is bad things.

I don’t want to know the bad, tell me good news, uplift me, give me hope for a better tomorrow, yes there is all of that in this world yet they just focus on the bad, the sensational because we have become a world of gossip mongers. Building someone up just to tear them down.

So today my friends, I am here to let you know that it’s a choice, I tell you that everyday, the choice is yours. You can go around and talk about people to try to make yourself feel better about your situation or you can rejoice in others good fortune and be truly happy for their lives.
I will leave you with this, when my bestie recently had someone give her a car as hers just died, she’s  a single mom on a fixed income and I knew how hard it’s been on her.
When she told me I literally cried because I was as happy for her as if it happened to me.
That is where we should all strive to be, to be happy for others, not jealous or mean spirited or gossiping about them.
Be grateful for the space your in right now….
Change your thoughts…change the world.