Learning to accept gifts from others

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Learning to accept gifts from others

I write all the time about karma and what you put out there, you will get back. The bible says it best, you reap what you sow… and I am a big believer in paying it forward to others and being a blessing in others lives. The problem comes when I am on the receiving end, I feel that I am not worthy of the gifts, that somehow I need to give back to who is giving me the gift.

Since I have been blessed with my new home, I put a call out for help and so many people came forward to help me, it’s been amazing but the biggest gift came from my childhood friend Ellis, he took off a week from his company and flew down here from New York to help me built a fence, put in a paver deck and a million other things I needed to get done.

I worked side by side with him every day. He was patient and kind, he explained all he was doing, he was an incredible teacher. We laughed, we yelled, we sweated and we became even closer friends after this week. He stuck up for me after my kitchen contractor was yet again trying to screw me by doing shoddy work. He made me feel like I could do anything and that I had this.

At the end of the week I offered him money for all of his work because I felt like he took this time off and he worked like a dog, the least I could do was pay him for the money he wasn’t making back home.

He wouldn’t take it, we fought about it, yet he wouldn’t take it. I was upset how could he do this all and not take my money? When I spoke to another childhood friend he said that when someone gives you a gift from their heart accept it, they are blessing you, do not tarnish their gift by thinking you must repay it or do something back in return, just accept it in love.

I never really thought of it that way before and realized he was right, I would accept this gift for the blessing it was and be grateful for it and for him.

So today my friends, do not question the gift that is presented to you, it came from love, be open and be grateful for it, as it is the seeds you have planted long ago that now you are reaping.