The incredible gift of friendship

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The incredible gift of friendship

I say all the time that I am blessed with wonderful friends, that one person shouldn’t have this many friend’s and yet I do. I have had friends I’ve known since I’ve been 5 years old, friends I went all through school with and friends I’ve met when I started my life in Florida.

I remember when I was married and my ex made me choose, him or my friends, being young and stupid, I chose him and felt like I lost a part of my soul.
For years he kept me away from my friends because he knew they would see right through him and tell me to open my eyes. As I found myself again, I found my friends again and they helped me through some of my darkest days. They encouraged me, supported me, gave me a shoulder to cry on and even after time and time again I didn’t take their advice about freeing myself from this marriage, they were still there for me.

They have been there in good times and bad, in hard times and smooth sailing, they made me laugh and taught me who I truly was and the lesson of always being yourself.
But never more than this year, I’ve realized how truly blessed I am, how many friends came to my need to help me first when I got divorced and moved out and then with this new home I bought.
I had friends fly in from all across the country for my 50th this year, friends that flew in to help me with my new home and this week friends that flew in to make me a surprise house warming party. I was blown away each and every time to know I have these incredible friends.

So today my friends I want to thank all of my amazing friends who went above and beyond the word friendship to become the family I chose for myself and to say that words could never express what I feel for you all.
I am truly blessed each and every day that you are in my life, I love you all.

Ricardo, Melva, Griselle, Jilly Jill, Ellis, Halley, Carol and Rick, Audrey and Larry, Agashee, Sol, Steven, Thomas, Iva, my church family, Ebin, Adrian, Dave, Linda, Mark and Kelly, Frank and G1.

I know there are plenty more that I may have forgotten, please forgive me as I write this first thing in the morning but know I am grateful for each and every one of you