First love

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First loves…

I write about all kinds of things but all of it comes from my heart and what I am passionate about.
This topic touches my heart more than any other I have written about because I am such a romantic at heart.

I believe in happily ever after, in Cinderella and prince charming, in flowers, cards, slow dancing and soul mates…yes I am Tinker bell, I believe. …
And I definitely believe in first loves and how they hold a place in your heart forever. How do I know this? Because my first love was my high school sweetheart and it was the most real love I have ever found in my life.

It shaped my life so much I wrote a book about it, it’s been a lasting love story through out my life. He taught me to love, to believe in love at first site, he taught me to try new things, to open up my mind and my heart. He taught me that I could do anything, and that with love you  could over come any obstacle. He was sweet, kind, caring, romantic and loved me like no one has ever done before or since.

But I wanted more…I wanted the good life, money and traveling and a bigger lifestyle than I had growing up. This small town and this country boy didn’t fit into my grand scheme of things and so I left looking for a better life.
Somehow I thought I could see the world and still come back to this man who held my heart.
But life is strange and doesn’t always work the way you want it to and to my dismay he had moved on.
There was never a day I didn’t think of him, of us, no matter how many men I had in and out of my life he always held my heart.

He came back into my life years later while I was in the mist of my horrible marriage and he said he didn’t know me anymore, that I would never give my power away like I had done in this marriage. Who was I ? Who did I become?  That statement changed my life forever, his words and his belief in me gave me the courage to take a stand and take back my self worth.

I began looking for my old self and realized I liked me, the real me, not the me my ex wanted me to be. We still kept in touch and even now still he holds a piece of my heart.
I am grateful for his love and support and for being a part of my life.
Yes, I believe that one day I will find a true love like this again….because no matter what I am a true romantic at heart.