Time changes things

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Time changes things

A year ago today, my world fell apart yet again, I was dating a man who I thought loved me and wanted to spend his life with me. I was just coming out of a horrible marriage and was longing to hear those words I had so very much missed for the last 24 years. I was vulnerable and believe everything he was feeding me even when my intuition was screaming something wasn’t right, I continued because my life was so barren from emotion.

I bought into it hook, line and sinker and the day I found out he was nothing more than a sociopathic liar, I kicked him to the curb, literally with no second chances. I called him out today, for everyone to see. No man was ever going to get over on me more than once. I was done and I was truly hurt as I trusted yet again, after all the pain I endure during my marriage and that he knew all what I went through, he still chose me to hurt this way.

It was more than I could bear, I shut down emotionally and went into my writing, I didn’t let another man get close to me.
I instead got closer to God, I prayed and I cried and I let time heal me.
As time went on I realized the lessons he had taught me from this pain, that I could make it on my own without a man, that I taught my girls never to put up with a lying, cheating man, that I should always listen to my intuition, always.
This also taught me that even when your hurt, you should still open up and reach out to others that are also hurting as I did to his ex wife, even though everyone thought I was crazy to do so.
I knew we were both victims of his sick mind and that she was a good women that needed a friend so so I offered my friendship to her.

Now here it is a year later and yet again my world has changed 360, I  have my God who gets me through anything, I have an incredible family and wonderful friends, I have a business I love, a new home I never imagined getting, I finished my book and am publishing it next month, I am happy and peaceful and I found a great new friend.

I am truly grateful for the pain he caused me because I would have never found myself and these lessons without it.

So today my friends, no matter how dark it might be don’t give up hope, hold on, look for the lessons that the pain is teaching you and know that when you look back a year later what a difference it can make.