Living well is the best revenge

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Living well is the best revenge

The other day my ex husband texted me and let me have it about our daughter missing school as she slept at my house the night before (it was a testing day and if you didn’t have testing you didn’t have to go obviously he didn’t know that or care )

He proceed to call me a no good piece of s**t, a **hole , a f*****g liar plus other choice words including being a lousy mother.

I told him I no longer have to deal with him verbally abusing me anymore and his words no longer had any effect on my life.
Unfortunately the following day I had to deal with my him face to face because of our daughter.

It was probably the first time since the divorce and I was praying that I held my temper and not smack him like I wanted to for the day before.
( yes, I am  christian but I am far from perfect as this obviously shows)  He came by my new home and looked around while we were talking, taking in all the beautiful work I had done with the place, but never once did he say anything about how it looked.

As I stood there I realized that he truly held no power over me, no I felt nothing except gratefulness that I was divorce from this man. I remember how he would put me down, how when he got mad like now, how that vein pulsed on his bald head, how it was his way or no way, all those memories came back but they didn’t keep me in bondgage it actually felt like it set me free. I was done…I was living this wonderful life that is full of family and friends and I have all of this peace and joy in my heart. I sat here looking at him, with all of this hate, anger and jealously inside of him and I felt sorry for him.

I knew that no matter what kind of karma may be coming down the line for him, living well was the best revenge and I was doing just that…living an incredible amazing life.

So today my friends remember to let go of vendettas, let go of the hate and pain, live your life to the fullest, live an amazing, incredible, fulfilling life….because that my friends is truly the best revenge.

Joyful people practice gratefulness

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Joyful people practice gratefulness

I don’t usually watch TV but I love Oprah Super Soul Sunday, she had on a guest Dr.Brene Brown and she had wrote a book on all of her research about gratefulness.It said that the most joyful people practice gratefulness, wow Oprah light bulb moment!

I know this to be true, I have found joy and peace in my life that I have never had before and the one thing about having it is that I am so very grateful, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t give thanks and I don’t give the credit to my God, that at times I am so very grateful it will bring me to tears, it overcomes me, I can’t say it enough times.

Yes, I was in a dark place for many years and even there I looked for something to be grateful for. You need to go through the day looking for things to be grateful for. Be grateful for the small moments, having dinner with your kids, a warm breeze, the sunrise, a kind word from someone, start small if you feel you can’t be grateful for everything.

Gratitude is a practice thing, be grateful for the ordinary moments. Be present in them, enjoy that very second, don’t ask when will the other shoe drop, just feel blessed at that moment.

These are a few of Dr Brown’s quotes from her book about gratitude:
Being a whole hearted person cultivating authenticity:

letting go of what people think. I no longer care what people say, I wore a mask for too many years, I am happy with me, God is happy with me, thats all that matters.

Cultivating self compassion: letting go of perfectionism. I tried for years to be perfect and it literally almost killed me, there is no such thing as perfectionism, your human, you have flaws, its okay.

Cultivating a resilient spirit:letting go of powerlessness. Yes, you will fall down, get back up, its okay I write about my failures each and every day, yet I still keep going with a positive attitude.

Cultivating gratitude and joy: letting go of scarcity and fear This was a big one for me, fear ruled my life, I didn’t like change, I stayed 20 years in a horrible situation because of fear. When you give it over to God, to the universe to who ever you believe in and trust it is then you can find peace and joy in your life.

You can’t find joy when your beating it to the finish lie by saying oh when is the next shoe going to drop? This is too good, something bad will happen. No live in this moment, let go of fear, have faith!

So today my friends, practice gratefulness, start when you wake up, thank you for waking me up, thank you I can walk to the bathroom, thank you I have a home and hot water, start small practice every day and before long you will be grateful for everything you have,every moment in your life.

Liking yourself

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Liking yourself

There are times when you think about quitting, the way you look at it depends if your a winner or a loser.
How do you look at yourself?  Do you like yourself?
Do you think your worthy?
These are important questions to ask yourself, these questions will determine how far your going to get in life.

If you don’t think your ever going to get somewhere in life, guess what?  Your not!
If you don’t think your worthy, then who will? If you think this is all your ever going to achieve then your right, bottom of the barrel for you. You must believe in yourself first and know that you can do anything you set your mind to.

I try to tell my girls that all the time…it doesn’t matter what their dad says about them…this is his issue not theirs. I tell them they should know their own self worth, that they can do anything, that they are smart, beautiful, kind girls who have their whole lives in front of them.
Each and every day I try to reinforce the good in them and hope I am erasing the bad that their dad tries to poison them with.
But no matter how many times I tell them if they don’t believe it, it won’t matter.

You must stop listening to everyone around you and you have to shut up the voices in your own head that tell you, your not smart enough, pretty enough,good enough, you have to every day if need be that you are good enough smart enough that you are perfect in God’s eyes and that you like yourself.

Once you do that no one else opinion will mean anything, you will know your value. Once you know your value no one will ever tell you otherwise and you will demand that respect from others, you won’t put up with lying cheating people,  you won’t hang around negative people, you won’t cheapen your values to please a boss, friends or family members. You will stand your ground with your had held high and know who you are and who’s you are, a child of the most high God.

So today my friends, believe in yourself, like yourself, believe you can do anything. It’s amazing how things will change around you once you change your attitude…it’s all up to you.