Can you handle the truth?

Thursday Treadmill Treats
Can you handle the truth?

There are some people that can’t handle the truth, they might ask you for your opinion yet they think that theirs is better, so why ask?

I was like that, my best friend is gay and when we would go shopping I would ask his opinion, when he would say he didn’t like something I would ask “Why?  What’s wrong with it? How come?”  He would get mad and say “Bitch, do you want my opinion or what?  I don’t like it”
Well did I? Yes on my terms, because I liked it so why didn’t he?
Through out our friendship I can always count on him to be brutally honest with me even when I didn’t want to hear it and even when it hurts, I know he is honest.

But there are so many people like me, who want advice yet can’t handle the truth. We sometimes can even see the truth in ourselves
I couldn’t admit I had a drinking or drug problem for years, even when I was waking up on the floor with vomit all around me, hungover yet again, no problem, I still went to work, I was good.

I couldn’t admit my ex was verbally abusive even to myself, that would mean I failed, that I picked the wrong one and I couldn’t face the truth for years.
When everyone said Mr con artist was just that ….no I said your just haters that I am so happy,  no even though the signs were there and my intuition was screaming I couldn’t admit the mistake I had made.

We can’t handle the truth because of our ego, that would mean we didn’t pick right or do the right thing, God for bid we make a mistake and the world sees it! How could we ever redeem ourselves in people’s eyes?

I write this blog and I am brutally honest now, I fall ,I do stupid things, I make mistakes, huge mistakes yet I am always trying to learn the lessons from them, I can handle the truth because I know there is a lesson and so I put it all out there so that others might see themselves and know it’s alright to fail and to not be afraid of the truth.

So today my friends, think about if you can really handle the truth?  Can you take off the rose colored glasses you see yourself through and stop worrying about what others will think or say? Look the truth in the face, stand up straight, admit your failure, own it, find the lesson, forgive yourself and let it go and move on….because yes, sometimes the truth hurts  but sometimes the truth will set you free!!

What do you do when you get discouraged?

Hump day Treadmill Treats
What do you do when you get discouraged?

We all get discouraged now and then even the most positive people have this happen to them.
You think you can’t do this, it’s not working, not coming fast enough, it’s easier to give up, just forget about it.

I remember I was at the end of my rope, I had hit rock bottom. One day me and some friends went to a card reader, she told me I would still be in this horrible marriage for another 4 years, I remembered that I screamed at her “4 years are you crazy! I can’t do this for 4 years more!”

Yet, it wasn’t time for me to go, I wasn’t sure of myself at that point, I needed more time to know I was strong and independent, to be able to make it on my own, to be able to take care of my girls.

Did I get discouraged? Hell ya but I kept going  every time I thought I couldn’t do it, I thought what would it look like to be happy, free and on my own. I would dream of it, envision it as if it already happened, it was real to me as real as me breathing every day.

I would think of the outcome and that would keep me going.
I wrote about it, I had a vision board, I put it out in the universe each and every day.

I never gave up, even after I got knocked down, I couldn’t find a job for almost a year, the constant fighting and hatred in the home, then after the divorce I got no alimony and a measly child support, through all the disappointments I held on…yes there were some pity parties I can’t lie but the next day I was back stronger than ever.

So today my friends, think about what will happen if you didn’t get to your end result, where would you be, you never know if you quit, look at the big picture and let nothing stop you from getting there…get off disappointment street and start walking on hope Ave it’s a way different neighborhood.

Haters beware

Tuesday Treadmill Treats
Haters beware
There will always be haters

There  are all kinds of people out there that are haters, they might not even know you but believe me they are hating on you just the same. See when you are full of light and goodness there will be plenty of haters trying to suck that goodness from you.

People can’t imagine how you are so peaceful, how you have such joy in your heart, how can she still believe when everything is tumbling down around her? And when they see great things happening in your life and they think you are lucky, hum… why can’t I be that lucky they say, why do they get that? Be able to do that? I am better, smarter, prettier than they are, it should be me! They say.

They see all that you have and they think they deserve it more than you and they hate you for it. What they fail to understand is that light, that goodness can not be bought, that comes from within, you know you are not lucky, no, you know you are blessed. You know this journey is not about you and what you can get, its about others and how you can be a blessing to others with the gifts God gave you.

You look for the good in people, even when others see none, you find a good heart. You give of yourself to help people, this is your purpose. You never compare yourself with others as you know that behind every smile is a heartbreaking story and truth be told if you heard their story, you would be happy for the life you have. You know that good will always triumph over evil, that in the end your good deeds will pay off when their hatred will eat them up inside.

You know that material things do not make you happy, that true happiness must come from within. And you know that what ever box you are wrapped in, whatever facade you are trying to present to the world, that if you have hatred, jealousy and envy in your soul, that is what eventually shines through, just as your goodness shines through, their evil heart will be revealed.

So today my friends do not worry about haters because haters make you better, haters make you stronger, they might tear you down for a second, but you will prevail in the end, you are the chosen one, you will overcome.

I am not Christian, I am human

Treadmill Treats Monday message

I am not Christian… I am human

Recently a few people said something to me that really got to me, they said “that wasn’t very Christian of you ” about some things I did and said.

Since when did I ever say because I am Christian that I am perfect?
What because I go to church? Please,  If I sit in a garage does that make me a car? 
No, I am human, I am so not perfect. ..hello, do you read my blog? I get mad, I curse, I break all kinds of comandments, please!!
Don’t put me up on a pedestal because I praise my God or speak of his greatness in my blogs,that does not make me holy than thou, that makes me a believer that’s all!

That is the problem with people today especially people who go to church, they feel that they are better than others, that they have to be perfect after all “we ” go to church. No my Bishop says we are all sick and broken and we come to church to be healed. That is why I started going, I was broken and I needed help, Hell I still need help, lots of it!
I will never be perfect even if I went to church 24/7 because I am human first…

So for all of you out there who point the finger at me and say “but your a Christian ….”  Get over it,  I am just a person trying to be the best person I can be, I try to use this gift God gave me, this gift to serve others, to try to help others with my gift of words, I speak of my God and all he has had done for me because I am so grateful and hope others can find this feeling of peace and joy in their lives, I do this because I hope one day to be standing in front of him and for him to say “well done, my child, well done”

So today my friends I will leave you with this…all of Jesus apostles were not “great and holy” most were sinners who were trying to change and still fell short, even Moses was a killer… yet they were still trying their best even though they would never be “perfect Christians ”
So do me a favor don’t point fingers …I am just a human trying my hardest to be “Christ like” that’s all.