Your well being equals your health

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Your well being equals  your health


I remember when I was married I was always sick, headaches, dizziness, stomach problems, hair falling out, always catching this flu or that cold, always getting bruised, I was a hot mess.


But funny how when I got divorced and moved into my own home suddenly I became well, over a year and I have been incredibly healthy. I just read a study and it talked about the effects of stress and unhappiness have on your health, how your mind and body work together, even when you don’t realize it.


It also went on to say that your attitude had a lot to do with health as well. If you were positive and happy that you were healthier. Imagine that?  It’s amazing what your mind can do. I know personally what stress can do, it made my hair fall out, I lost weight, I had stomach issues, I couldn’t sleep, I thought I was having a heart attack and went for thousands of dollars in medical tests just to be told nope your fine, it’s stress.


It was then I realized that all this worrying wasn’t changing the outcome of anything, the only thing that it was doing was making me sick and broke. That was the day I stopped worrying, yup, I no longer worry about anything, nothing, zero, zilch, nada. If I can’t changed the outcome, I’m not worrying about it, simple as that, it will be what it will be.


I have become a much healthier person because of this attitude, I am happy now, I have found peace and joy in my life, look don’t get me wrong I am human and I am a New Yorker and I get pissed off but it goes as fast as it comes, I no longer hold on to anger, resentment or hatred as I realize that these things effect my mental health as well as my physical health and no longer serve me.


So today my friends let it go, learn your mind, body connection and know that your stressing is not changing anything,know that your that your attitude effects your health and that life is way to short to miss a moment of joy…it’s all up to you.

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It might be nice to have someone. …

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It might be nice to have someone. ..


For the last 3 years I have been happy with myself, when I first got separated, for those 2 years,  I was trying to find myself, to figure out what I did in my failed marriage, to own it and learn to forgive myself and then to forgive my ex.


That was the hard part, but I needed to forgive him to move on with this new person I was becoming and I couldn’t carry this old baggage into my new life.

Three months after my divorce I met an old boyfriend and thought this might be it but he turned out to be Mr.Con Artist and that relationship left an horrible taste in my mouth and so I closed down emotionally.


For the next year I worked on my book, my relationship with my girls and my friends and I  tried to figure out the lessons I’ve learned through this all.


But recently I have been feeling like it might be nice to have someone to be with. I look around at some of my friends who have been single for years and years and they are unbendable, they are so stuck in their ways that they won’t let anyone in as they don’t want to compromise anything in their lives.

Then I have friends who think all men are dogs because of the hurt they experienced in the past and will not let anyone in that close to hurt them.


I don’t want to get to either of these points, I have a big heart,  I am romantic, I want to share my life with someone that I truly love. I don’t want to have so many rules about a future man that I rule them all out. I don’t want to get stuck in my ways that I forgot how to compromise with someone else.


I am Tinker bell, I believe in fairy tails, happy ever afters, yes I believe my true love is out there and one day I will find him. Until then I don’t want to close myself down, I want to be willing to take a chance for love.


So today my friends, remember don’t get so stuck in your own rules that you miss an incredible person. Your never too old to find your soul mate if your willing to compromise a little and open yourself up to love.