What Treadmill Treats is all about

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


What Treadmill Treats is all about. ..


I have recently been starting this campaign to get ready to publish my book and with that I have started a website, a Facebook page, twitter, instagram and a YouTube page ( all with the Treadmill Treats logo) all in anticipation for the book.


I have also paid experts to drive traffic to my new website page so I thought since I will get more people starting to read my blog and a lot will be new readers, that I might want to introduce myself and what this is all about.( as you can see I have big dreams for this book)


I write this blog to try to inspire you to believe in yourself.

I write about myself, my life, my friends, my lessons because I believe everything has a lesson in it, if your willing to look for it.


I will share my failures, my joy and my lessons in hope that there is someone out there that was like me, in a horrible abusive marriage, that hit rock bottom,  that is fighting drug and alcohol addiction or trying to overcome a unspeakable childhood or just is afraid of change and is stuck.


That person will see themselves and realize that they can do it too, that yes, change is a scary but staying stuck is even worst. I am just like all of you, I am so not perfect, I fall on my face, I have problems with my teenagers, I have horrible taste in men, I am scared, I don’t have all the answers, I was lost and broken and I am trying each and every day just to be a better person, sometimes I get there, sometimes I fall short.


But I believe…. that things would get better, that I could change, I threw fear out and stepped into the unknown with just faith and I have never looked back! That is what has kept me going, faith, hope and unstoppable belief that I could do this if I just believed.


So today my friends, I hope you will follow my journey in life, it might not always be easy but I will promise you it will be uplifting, inspiring, motivational  and fun as hell!

Live your life to the fullest and never stop believing!