Can you shut that alarm off!

Thursday Treadmill Treats


Can you shut that alarm off!!


If you read my blog you know I write it while on the treadmill hence the name Treadmill Treats. I am up every day at 5 am and at the gym by 5:30.


I work out 40 minutes on the treadmill  (unless I really have a lot to say then it’s longer) I then lift weights and strech for another 40 minutes, some days I swim instead but I do this Monday through Friday every week.


I always tell you the truth, my favorite saying is that I am not Willy Wonker, I will not sugar coat it for you. Some days it sucks getting up, some days I want to throw the phone against the wall, some days I pull the covers over my head and say hell no, not today.


I am human and as much as I love to exercise some times I am lazy and tired but I know that I have to do it. There are many reasons why

1- is I like to eat, good stuff not all the time but when I do watch out!

2- I have a really bad family history of heart disease

3- I like to keep my body in shape.


So as much as I’d rather sleep for the most part I am up and out every morning.

Here’s the thing…they say if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit and when it’s a habit, it takes over your life, so when I don’t work out I feel guilty.


So today my friends, even when you want to shut that dam thing off and go back to sleep, get up and do it, it will make you feel better and you’ll get to eat that piece of cake you want… once in a while.