Even I need a kick in the ass

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Even I need a kick in the ass


Yes, I preach every day about being positive and keeping the faith but even I sometimes need a kick in the ass.

The other day I was going to get my photos taken for the back cover of my upcoming book with my friend G. As we were talking I happen to say that my ex is now only giving me 150.00 a month for child support even though he drives around in a 680.00 a month Bmw and what kind of crazy crap was that.


I was having a bad week, 3 of my clients had canceled on me and when you work for yourself every dollar counts, I had been working long hours trying to get everything ready for the book and had been a little under the weather and not my usual cheerful self. We have all been there and I am no different so when he turned and called me out on my comment, I was taken back.


He said “Don’t put that out there, don’t be jealous of what he has because God has greater things in store for you.

Your canceling out your blessings when you say that”

He was right, I knew that, hell I preach that, yet here I was spewing it out there because I was mad.


Sometimes even though we know what is right, we still do things the old way, falling back on what we use to do, the key is to realize it or to have someone point it out to us, so that we can change our thinking and get back on course.

This “spiritual journey” we are on is all about lessons, growing, changing and becoming better people but we all sometimes fall backwards and we need to get up and try again.


So today my friends make sure you have someone in your life who will check you, tell you like it is, put you back in your place and listen to them. That person will keep you grounded when things seem out of control they will let you know how off course you are. Listen…..because we all need a kick in the ass sonetimes.