Yes you can!

Treadmill Treats Mondsy message


Yes I can…


This Easter we need to know  that yes you can… God gave us his only son so that we know that we can overcome anything.


There is a inner strength in you, in all of us, it’s there, you might have to hit rock bottom to get there but we all have it in us.


When you tap into it, there is nothing that can stop you.

You are here for a reason, for a purpose. We all have a purpose,  a God given gift that you can do the best with the least effort. It can be cooking, talking, writing, singing, whatever it may be it’s your gift.

Don’t think because you screwed up too many times, that you failed, that you hurt too many people for you to change, you can always change.


You can change from bad to good, even with a horrible past, you can change your life, you can overcome any obstacle, never settle for where you are in life and think that is all life has in store for you.


This is a season of miracles, this is a day of miracles, Jesus rose from the dead, anything is possible if you believe. Live every day believing that you will seize your God moment and you will.


So today my friends, remember even if you do good, even if your friends stab you in the back  and pretend they don’t know you, even if your left alone, to die that you will get another chance to be reborn, to start over, you can do it…Yes you can!

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