Stop blaming everyone else

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


Stop blaming  everyone else


We all know someone out there that blames everyone else for their life, it might even be you.


You are steady complaining that everything is wrong because of what happened in your life, I was poor, my parents were abusive, my dad’s a drunk, I was in a horrible marriage, blah, blah blah …insert your sob story here.

Yes, that sounds harsh and it is but it is the truth. We all have a sob story, that doesn’t make us, that doesn’t define us, it is what got us to where we are today, that’s all.


Td Jakes says a great quote

“You cant drive your car looking in the rear view mirror, your rear view mirror is for telling you, you have past something, that’s why it’s smaller, the front windshield is large so you can see what’s ahead of you”


That is how I live my life, I don’t let my past define me, I am not a rape victim or a victim of verbal abuse, no, I am a survivor. I don’t say I can’t do this or that because I was in a horrible place and I can’t or won’t get over it.


I wrote a book The blessing in disguise, because even with all that happened to me, I consider it a blessing, It might have not felt it then but I now know it definitely was. It made me who I am today, the strong, confident women who is not afraid and is so very grateful for everything I have now.


It breaks down like this, 10 percent is about what happens to you and 90 percent is what you do about it.


So today my friends, do something!  Stop complaining, get up and change.

Get excited about your life, stop complaining, find your purpose, do what you love to do, step out of faith, let go of your fear, stop blaming everyone else and step up…it’s your life, live it!

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