Pity party table for one

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Pity party table for one


Yes, I write an inspirational blog, yes, for the most part I am the most positive person you will ever meet, yes, I always look at the bright side and try to see the best in people.


There are some days that my human side comes out and as much as I try, I can’t help it. So every once in a while I throw a pity party with a table for one.


They say when big things are about to happen, stuff starts to go crazy in your life and it’s true as I am preparing for the release of this book and my YouTube channel, working all kinds of crazy hours other things are going nuts, clients canceling, “friends ” stepping back because we don’t see eye to eye, no love life in sight, overwhelming pressure in personal and professional life, there are some days I can’t handle all that’s going on and I break down.


I’ve learned it’s okay to throw yourself a party, to cry, to drink, to yell if you have to, I am human and I cannot be superwoman 365 as much as I would like to.


So when I get like this I watch sappy movies (great watch love movies about a love life you don’t have, good one! )


I am still Tinker bell and I still believe in happily ever after even if I am alone. I let it all out and then I cry myself to sleep. In the morning I put my big girl panties on and I am okay.


Everything looks better in the light. (Okay maybe not everything if it was along night of drinking in the club and you wake up next to….oh wait, flashback from years ago, wrong topic sorry)

Oh, please your all laughing because you’ve been there, done that!


Where was I ? Yes, I put on my big girl panties and I keep going, new day, new attitude, it will be a better day today. Some days you have to do it one day at a time, one hour at a time, that’s okay just get through it, it will be better.


So today my friends remember it’s okay to have a pity party, have some whine and cheese, a sappy movie and a good cry tomorrow is another day… the sun will shine and it will be okay, you got this…you got this…


*Disclaimer * today’s message was for me but if you got anything out of it, bonus plan!!

LAUGH life is too short!!



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