Getting the message you need to hear

Thursday Treadmill Treats


Getting the message you need to hear


Yesterday I wrote about feeling sorry for myself and throwing a pity party for one. When I woke up I knew what would make me feel better, what always makes me feel better and that is working out.


They say the endorphins you get from working out is like a high and I can tell you that’s true. So I hit the gym to do a mini triathlon, figuring that would definitely make me feel better. I ran 2 miles, I swam 15 laps and then came home and rode my bike around my lake for 4 miles.

(my both clients had canceled so I had plenty of time)


As I was riding my bike looking at the beautiful lake, the clouds and nature all around me I started to feel better, when I past a older women in her late 70’s she was jogging with a cane! Yes you read that right a cane but even that didn’t stop her from running!


Now I’m thinking what the hell do you have to feel sorry about here’s a women who’s not letting anything stop her. Pity party officially over!


I go to church later and the message is dream big!! really big! God had bigger dreams than you can dream for yourself, anything is possible if you believe!  Things will come at you when your about to make a break though to bigger things, Nothing can stop you but you!


That was the message I needed to hear to keep me going to let me know I am not crazy for dreaming big, for making a new vision board with the New York times bestseller, Oprah and Tyler Perry studios on it! And not to get down even when crap  hits the fan, just shake yourself off and keep believing!


So today my friends, remember after your pity party, get up, get moving, dream big and never stop believing!!