Friends with your Ex’s

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Friends with your ex’s


Yesterday I was on the phone with my ex boyfriend and he had me cracking up. We are really good friends now and I am so glad.


We were together for three years and lived together years ago. He is a great guy and I was too young and stupid to realize that at the time.


My ego and my own “self worth” keep me from talking to him for years because of something I thought he should have done. It wasn’t until 25 years later when we reconnected and we spoke of our breakup that I realized how pompous it was of me to not even consider looking at it from his point of view.


I am so glad he’s back in my life now, just like all of my other past boyfriends, see I fell in love with them for a reason. They were kind, funny, sweet, good men each with their own great qualities that attracted me to them in the first place.


So why couldn’t we be friends?  It didn’t work out but they are still the great guys they were.


Okay here’s the exception to the rule, we all have picked losers, guys or girls who presented themselves one way then the true self came out after they reeled you in, the con artist who made you believe you were the only one.

Yes, my hand is raised really high on this one! I have no time for lying, cheating men then or now.


What I am talking about is great guys or girls that it just didn’t work out with, why would you bad mouth them?  Why cut them out of your life?  I am friends with all my ex’s and I would even be friends with my ex husband if he would, even after all he put me through, we have a bond that will never be broken, we have children together, the biggest bond of all. Why wouldn’t I do that for the sake of my girls?


I know people may think it’s weird but I look at it as they were my friends first, my lovers second and I am a friend forever.


So today my friends but away the anger and hatred towards your ex’s, you loved them once, they brought something special to your life and heart. Let them back in, enjoy all of their great qualities without all of the other mess.

Give thanks for all the wonderful men or women in  your life.


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