When God closes one door…

Treadmill Treats Monday message


When God closes one door…


I have been through a lot in one lifetime as most of us have and I, like you sometimes feel like why is this or that happening to us? We try to do the right thing, we are good people, yet somehow life throws us curve balls to knock us down, out of the blue, Bam! There they are!


We are human, we don’t understand why that door is shut so we run back, we weren’t ready to close that door, we keep knocking…”Hey I wasn’t done…” ┬ábut God knows what is for you and when it’s time to move on, even if we can’t figure it out. He will open other doors to bigger and better things yet we keep fighting to go back to what we were comfortable with, even when it was no good for us.


Even when we know it was dead long ago, we weren’t ready to go, fear kept us stuck in a place that we made excuses for yet we stayed.


We have all been there, in a job we hated, with friends that were no longer healthy for us or here’s a big one, stuck in a relationship that sucked yet we held on long after we should have.


Fear keeps us stuck, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear that it won’t be better, that we will be alone, that we will never find what we had. We don’t look to think that maybe this will be the best thing that ever happened to us, that this transformation will make us stronger or that it will give us a testimony to help others.


Now here’s the scarest part, we need to have faith, to believe, to hold on during the storm and still praise about all the other blessings you have, that is true faith, letting go even when you don’t want to, trusting that this is what is best for you even when you can’t see it now.


So today my friends, don’t keep knocking on that closed door, step back take a deep breath, step out in faith and then look around for a new door, it’s the one you hadn’t noticed before because you were so busy banging on the old one.


Be the change you want to see..


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